Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall Must List - Joslyn Taylor, Simple Lovely

When Michelle asked me to share a “Fall Must”, it took me all of 1.5 seconds to know what I would pick. Oh yes friends, for me, fall is all about “the bag”. I wish I could say fall was all about rustling leaves and picking apples and carnivals and brisk weather, and yes, I do love those things, I do. But nothing tops the quest for the perfect fall bag. Nothing…not even the apples.
Now, let me pause here to say, I don’t always actually buy a new fall bag. I just spend a lot of time thinking about them, researching them, “test-driving” them… I think this odd ritual must be some sort of carry-over from the excitement of buying new school supplies at the start of each fall. I’ve just somehow transposed the need for new #2s to the (seemingly burning) need for a new leather tote.
After looking at a lot (you know there were a lot) of bags, my fall faves all somehow seem to be caramel tote/satchel numbers. I love all of these equally for different reasons, but I’m leaning toward the “Jericho” for its utilitarian qualities. And if money were no object, that PS1 would be mine. Just saying...
Joslyn Taylor, Simple Lovely


  1. Love Love Love Love Love Love Love!!! I need a new bag too. I would hae to pick The Gap Leather Tassel Tote. :)

  2. When it comes to temptation, you're not helping! After splurging on those Frye boots, I can't even look at leather satchels!

  3. So funny...I seem to do the same thing every fall and have been coveting something similar. Those are all beautiful.

  4. LOVE all of these but ever since I had my baby I can't figure out how to carry a purse anymore....instead I'm dragging along a baby, a diaper bag, a toy, and a half eaten cracker.

  5. I'm in lust with the JCrew bag!


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