Friday, September 17, 2010

Last Weekend...

Here's a little peek into last weekend's birthday festivities - which went swimmingly despite my party fear...we started off on Friday with a trip to Gale Woods Farm with some of Lila's best friends...the kiddos got to pet the cows, chickens, meet the sheep dogs and run wild in a hay maze - good time was had by all and many mini cupcakes from Sweets were consumed...Saturday L, my mom, and I headed out to pick out some super cool decorations - hello purple and pink crepe paper and balloons (very 80's redux, no?) and I stayed up late to make kolaches for brunch - whew - from the excellent Pastry Queen cookbook.  The fam came over for brunch and Miss L opened a million and one presents including a whole set of dress up costumes custom made by Mimi (including the much longed for Spidergirl??!!)  Then I shuttled everyone out the door to hit the MIA for Family Day, lots of crafting, running through galleries and listening to harp music followed by cake in the courtyard...finally on her actual birthday we stayed in our PJ's til 3pm, made a quick playground trip before her requested pizza and a movie (Funny Face - her pick) - a girl after my own heart...
Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead of you - I intend to take it easy...


  1. I want my next birthday to be exactly like that....complete with Spidergirl costume and all! LOVE it!

  2. Is Mimi your mom? Custom dressups?! OMG, I am going to tell my mom to get started now for my Z.

  3. mimi is awesome. l is lucky to have her!

  4. wow, lady. Your birthday weekend sounds amazing. That is one lucky little girl. Seriously, will you plan my next birthday? It's in March so you have plenty of time to rest up. And I'd be really happy with any left over pink and purple decorations. =)

  5. What a great idea for a party! We had a cooking party for our daughter this past year, but this sounds like it'd be right up our (and her) alley.

    And *anything 80's is okay in my book:).

  6. sounds like perfection... sending lots of love!! hope you are doing well!

    ALT? just paid the bucks... you are going lady! ;)


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