Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Updates - #3 & #4

 photos - Jak & Jil

#3 - A Classic Shoulder Bag
Simple, elegant, longstrap, smaller (seriously, what are we carrying around in those huge bags ladies?? besides random socks, half eaten snacks, and leaking juice boxes, of course)  The Celine Box Bag is the ideal but at $3400 I think these alternatives offer as much style...
 or you could scavenge for your mom's old coach bag from the 80's...right?

top two photos - Garance for Elle UK, bottom - The Sartorialist

#4 - Army Green
the navy blue of fall...and an easy way to toughen up any ensemble...
I think J Crew pretty much has this covered so I'm going to scoot and catch up on GG and Glee...xoxo


  1. i'm loving these sleek shoulder bags - and thanks for the under $3,400 alternatives:) xx,jane

  2. these bags. If my hands are busy holding on to a bag, i am not living the life I am called to. Hands free is my motto. I have a funny little observation about the bags on the Upper East Side in NY. I call it the Madison Avenue Bag Hold. Clearly the "bag" is a status symbol (Hermes Kelly bag is probably the favorite) but the "hold" allows the owner to display her diamond at the same time. I only wish I could show you an image. The left elbow holds the Hermes, the forearm is bent upward in the air, the hands are clenched and the diamond is a headlight - facing oncomers. It tells us all we need to know about how much money the husband makes. Sadly, it doesn't tell me much about the woman. I'm such an old feminist. :-(.

  3. You are so right about the bags. I have always carried a small one, and I get many remarks from friends and grocery store clerks alike, such as "That is soooo cute! Where do you put everything???" Unless we're going on an "outing" I don't need to carry that much! Just the basics. Hope you enjoyed your 't.v. time' :).


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