Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Annie Hall 2.0

I really just kind of worship Garance...her posts are such a brilliant mix of fashion, wit, and self-deprecation - they always make me smile...and even though we are the same age she just seems to exude Woman, while I,  with my round cheeks and petite height will forever feel like a Can we talk about this photo? the red nails, the blazer, the watch, her boyfriend's shorts, the tough heels - Super Fantastique!!  I think my new style mantra might be WWGW (what would Garance wear)
xoxo, M

ps - I had a really good long post planned but got sucked into reading these comments (via Bink & Boo) and ran out of time - WHOA!! My little snarky side just couldn't look away...but now I feel a bit dirty - ugh!


  1. DOES one make a men's short look that sexy? Seriously.
    And that design post was awesome. Like watching a train wreck. Except now I need to tear apart my house. Sigh...

  2. ohh my goodness i read those too..when she said she felt like she was punched in the throat..i died...

  3. and garance..can i have your tan skin and those shoes please

  4. Yes, I will share in that worship of Garance. She makes everything seem so effortless. How is it fair to have all that talent in one person. Alas, I will never be that cool. And I love her shoes. Those I could wear.

  5. I know what it's like to be stuck in supperannuated girlhood. My current wardrobe consists of corduroy dungarees (OK they're black and by APC but still...) a piecrust frill claudine-collar blouse and an A-line 'school' skirt that hits just about the knee. Sadly I know this is what suits me: I've tried 'woman' and I just can't carry it off.

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  7. i say that all the time to my friends/myself...
    WWGW??? she always gets it so right!

  8. I agree, WWGW is becoming my mantra.
    Been eyeing these shorts, but thinking they might be shorter than her look in this photo.

  9. Well, I had just seen this too and have been thinking about her easy style all week! Can you really do red nails? maybe you just have to be Garance. Or young and wearing this outfit. How chic and relaxed she is! I'm so jealous. I would have to try on 20 different things, take 18 of them off and throw them on the bed to pull of anything remotely this off-handed. Love her too.


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