Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Off The Grid & Fall Must List - Tina, Bull In A China Shop

Off the Grid - Lately, I keep dreaming of living in a house on stilts. Or a house that occupies a single, tiny island. I'd love to be accessible only by boat. To see the water on all sides. To hear the quiet stillness. To smell the salt air.

For fall I am pining over CB I Hate Perfume-Burning Leaves. It's so incredible. Reminds me of snuggling up by a bonfire. I am also wistful for nature hikes with my fam. We do this most every weekend when the leaves start to turn. My tot loves to find new things to explore. It's so peacful hiking with the sun peeking through the brightly colored trees. Holding hubby's hand and watching tot collect as many rocks/sticks/leaves he can find.
Tina - Bull In A China Shop

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