Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Current Crushes - A Single Man Edition

Yes, it's a bit morbid to be trolling a movie about suicide for style inspiration but when it's A Single Man directed by Tom Ford it really just can't be helped! I finally saw it this weekend (about a year behind) and pretty much every frame is full to the brim with let's get started...

The eyeliner and hair are out of control...doesn't everyone look better with a bit of a messy tease and thick black liner?  I think the early 60's might be my absolute favorite beauty era...

Nicholas Hoult's angora sweater is heaven and reminds of this one I was lusting over on Hanneli...

Model Aline Weber makes an ubercool cameo as Lois wearing super cat eye sunglasses much like Tom Ford's Nikita frames

and speaking of glasses, Colin Firth's vintage pair were total perfection as well...
after watching this and loads of Mad Men I loved the contrast of MM's NYC style versus the California cool of A Single Man both set during the same time period...If you're hankering for more early 60's sartorial splendor 8 1/2 can't be beat...any other recommendations?
xoxo, M


  1. I just watched this movie during the weekend too! It was depressing, but visually amazing (the clothing, accessories, interiors).

  2. oh I keep looking at that and wondering if it is worth the rent... thanks for the tip... ox

  3. OK, so it was made in '73, but one of my favorite style movies of all time is Don't Look Now which takes place in Venice. Julie Christie's style is to die for!!

  4. i LOVE this film too! i could watch it over and over again and find more things i like.

  5. I want to see this film! Think I need to finally make it happen!

  6. I guess i'm going to have to rent this now even if just for the styling. P.S. I absolutely love Colin Firth so I will watch anything he is in.

  7. That SWEATER! And Colin's glasses are to die for.

  8. LOVE this post! Will you do one for I Am Love???

  9. This movie is amazing needless to say the fashion is as well!! Julieanne Moore is great in this film! <3 Tom Ford!!

  10. LOVE this and LOOOOVEE all the images you found
    from the sunglasses to the sweater...AMMMAZZING!!
    I'm so excited for Tom Ford's first woman collection
    post Gucci that will debut in the winter - CANNOT
    wait to see what he does.. heard the aesthetic is 20's glamour..

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