Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy, Happy Weekend!

This weekend I'm going to...
tease my hair to high heaven...
repaint my nails red...
go on an actual date with the Mr. (Dinner or movies, ladies??)
make it to Saturday morning yoga...
Pick some apples at Lake Pepin... 
and cuddle with my spidergirl...
What's on your agenda?
Some current faves:
This Tucker for Target tank - finally a collaboration I'm fully impressed by
Brasa takeout with Miss E and the kiddos
Hating Project Runway - sometimes watching is more fun when everyone bugs the crap out of you...the Jackie O challenge - trainwreck!!
Taco trucks at parties (coming to the Blooma bday party - next weekend!)
Honeycrisp apples from The Apple House
and these Gap flats which are suprisingly comfortable...
and the new Virginia Johnson scarves

ps - Lots of new arrivals !!

image Vogue August 2010


  1. one word... TUCKER for Target {okay 3 words}.... LOVE... although I blew my Target budget on John Derian so I think I should wait for the next credit card cycle ;).

    Have a great weekend. ox

  2. Your weekend sounds like it's going to be tons of fun! Do dinner for sure with lots of wine. Have a great time!

  3. I really wanted to love the Tucker for Target collection, but polyester makes my skin sad (I was still tempted though!). Please say you're going out to dinner because you can't waste teased hair on a movie. Have loads of fun!

  4. I'm with Michelle- dinner and wine (lots of it:).

    Your weekend sound perfect. Mine? Reading, cooking, cuddling, painting (my nails, that is), drinking, eating (in that order:), a couple projects around the house, and a date night (hopefully!!) for us as well!

    Oh, and 't.v. catching up' here and there:).

  5. Alexis - I bught some John Derian too!
    Michelle - Thank you!!
    Elisabeth - yes, polyester - yuck but in this case I think it was well executed ;)
    Torrie- yours sounds perfect too!

  6. This is gorgeous! WIsh I could have that "do" right about now!


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