Thursday, September 2, 2010

Off The Grid - Elisabeth, You + Me*

There is something just utterly romantic about a sailboat. Well before I had ever set foot on one or even knew anyone who sailed regularly, I used to imagine myself on one of the many boats keeling from the gusty bay winds as we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge. When I met my husband, who has been sailing his entire life, my dream got an upgrade and I pictured our little family escaping for a few months to island hop somewhere where the weather is blissful and the sailing is easy. My husband would be tanned and scruffy, our dog would be happy and salty, and our daughter (who is not a toddler in this fantasy) would become adept at spotting dolphins off the bow. Since our daughter is in fact a toddler and pesky things like work and responsibilities are currently in our way, I'll keep this little dream in my pocket for now and use it to keep me warm whenever east coast winters start to get me down.

The photo is from the British Virgin Islands, January 2010.
Elisabeth Fraser - You + Me*


  1. this sounds wonderful... have you ever followed Liz Clark? I went to high school with her and her travels are mind blowing...

    here is her blog... pretty amazing!

  2. Fern and Feather, I'm going to be living vicariously through Liz Clark from now until my family gets to go on a long voyage. It helps that swell is the most perfect sailboat name ever.


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