Thursday, September 16, 2010

Current Crushes...

Something about a denim sofa just sounds all wrong but I've been dreaming about this one ever since Kate posted it...

Miss Sofia facing the paparazzi in Venice

The color and prints in this house kind of blow me away...Miss Nadia & Flora - I need that ottoman!

Anna Della Russo's briefcase - Hello!
via Katie

and speaking of Miss Katie A - I think her engagement photos are the classiest I've seen...

and these might be two of the most beautiful veils ever...
(in fact - if you haven't checked out Alix's wedding hurry, hurry - it's just heaven!)

 and two new pieces from Laura...yeah!
Stud earrings are back too...
xoxo, M


  1. i'm with you, crushing on all these things. i don't know if i have enough guts to rock veils like that but i've been admiring them. so so beautiful.

  2. oooh sofia...sigh.

    and those LL necklaces. i think i need both.

  3. Love that briefcase...if only I was a buisness woman:)

  4. Those engagement photos are amazing...they look like movie stars from the 50's.

  5. those engagement photos! i've never been really big on the idea, but those have sold me.

  6. More Sophia. She is going to be everywhere with this new film. She just won at Venice!!! Yeah lots of more amazing outfits!!!


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