Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just thought I'd pop in and say hello! After 4 Christmases in 3 cities I was wiped out and a week of unplugged was much too necessary...We are headed home today and even though it's back to tundra land it will be nice to settle into a routine and greet the New Year...speaking of 2011 with a new babe on the way I figure it might be a good time to go easy on myself and not make any resolutions...and luckily a diet isn't really in the cards right now ;)  a little detox, a little declutter, a lot of napping and relaxation are hopefully in the cards...and for you??
Happy New Year!
xoxo, M

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Y'all and a small gift to you!!

Howdy! Well, I didn't mean to disappear after Tuesday but life, packing, and general holiday mayhem were keeping me busy...fortunately we are safely in Austin, a bit more rested, with bellies waiting to be filled with Tex-mex and bar-b-que...hope everyone is having a lovely holiday and I'll see you here on Monday!
and because it's the season here's my little gift to you:
My husband, a music writer by trade, puts together a mix tape every year - his picks for best singles of 2011 (trust me, he's a professional, it's good stuff)- so here it is:
download them from itunes and give to your favorite hipster...or rock out while basting the turkey (although a few of the songs are a little NSF relatives or small children)

Justin Townes Earle, “Wanderin’”
Cee Lo Green, “#$@! You”
Black Keys, “Sinister Kid”
Vampire Weekend, “Cousins”
Retribution Gospel Choir, “Working Hard”
Janelle Monae, “Tightrope”
Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, “Mama Don’t Like My Man”
Communist Daughter, “Not the Kid”
Arcade Fire, “The Sprawl II”
The Dead Weather, “No Horse”
Dessa, “Dixon’s Girl”
Willie Nelson, “My Baby’s Gone”
Band of Horses, “Older”
Free Energy, “Dream City”
Kanye West et al., “Monster”
Titus Andronicus, “T.A. Forever”
Cloud Cult, “Running With the Wolves”
Mavis Staples, “Wrote a Song for Everyone”
Dawes, “When My Time Coves (live)”
Florence & the Machine, “Dog Days Are Over”
Johnny Cougar, “Graceful Fall”

xoxo, M
ps - a special thank you to all my wonderful readers!! Your comments and emails all year make me so, so happy especially since I have been so remiss in returning the favor...I promise to be better next year...
pps - and a HUGE thank you for everyone who supported my shop this year - it's a work in progress but so wonderful to be able to do what I love AND still have the opportunity to be home with my girl...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

There's always next Christmas...

to make mini bundt cakes for all my friends, a fruited wreath for my front door...
(via frolic & Oh Joy)

little succulent Christmas trees, a vintage photo wreath

and a beautiful advent calendar...

5 More days and I think I'm putting a fork in it...still a few presents to buy, but the cards are in the mail, we've already tackled "christmas" with the Mr's family, and now I have to pack for Texas and two more Christmases so I'm calling it a day on crafting and baking...aren't these all lovely ideas for next year though? 
So what say you? Are you still plugging away? Taking a break? Ready for Detox? or a drink?
I'm headed to a Winter Solstice party tonight with some of my favorite ladies so here's to longer days & shorter nights...
xoxo, M

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Coloring Card

Greetings!! The amazing Badaude put together a fantastic Holiday Card for Pretty Mommy - download and print it out and have your kiddo color it while you do some gift wrapping...hope everyone is having an enjoyable Monday...

Check out the wishlists she put together for the girls...

xoxo, M

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Little Reminder...

 Looking for some last minute gifts (or maybe a treat for yourself?)  A few things you might have missed at the shop...
Oh, and did I mention you can still take 25% off your order by entering "holiday" at checkout?? What are you waiting for? Monday is the cutoff for Christmas shipping (except for express delivery of course)!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend ahead - we are headed to The Nutcracker and then our Minnesota Christmas with the inlaws before we fly off to the warmer climes of Texas...a week without snow boots, parkas and mittens sounds like the best present ever!!
How is your weekend shaping up?
xoxo, M

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Recipe Exchange Wrap-up

Aren't you curious what you use this pan for? Go visit Estelle at Under The Pink Moon to find out the ridiculous goodness she cooked up for the recipe exchange (I hate to play favorites I have to confess a big girl crush on Estelle and her blog)
A HUGE thank you to all the lovely ladies who participated!!!
Here's a wrap up of the entire schedule:
Nov 22 - Torrie - a place to share...
Nov 23 - Michelle - Pretty Mommy
Nov 26 -  Stephanie - scrumptious

Nov 29 - Tina - Bull in a China Shop
Nov 30 - Cee -  Advice Gals
Dec 1 - Emily- Big Moon Sky
Dec 2 - Jess - Shades of Sunshine
Dec 3 - Danielle - domestic dish

Dec 6 - Go to Girls - Go To Girls
Dec 7 - Jessica - Civetta,
Dec 8 - Katie -
Dec 10 - Sharon - I Can Totally Make That

Dec 13 - Chassity - Look Linger Love
Dec 14 - Rebecca -  Reluctant Floridian
Dec 15 - Rali - Styles ‘n Cream
Dec 16 - Estelle - Under a Pink Moon

I'm off...super swamped, lots of shipping, a mall trip looming and only 4 hrs left of free time - WHEW!! How's your holiday madness going?
Speaking of shipping - there's still time to order something from the shop - get your orders in by Saturday morning and I will do my darndest to get them to you asap - I finally have some Clare's in stock - la trops, clutches, camel & navy mini sacs, and poppy messengers are ready to ship!

xoxo, M

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ballet Fever

Last year I took L to the Nutcracker for the first time and it was thrilling to see her little face light up as the familiar music started (we'd been listening to it nonstop for months beforehand) and the little oohs and ahhs as the dancing started was pretty priceless...we have tickets again this Saturday and I think I'm just as excited as she there a more beautiful art form?  I used to pore over A Very Young Dancer when I was in grade school (did you have this book - following a young girl who dances the role of Clara?) and I think one of my big regrets in life was never taking lessons...are you headed to the Nutcracker this season? Have you seen Black Swan yet? Do Tell!
Speaking of beautiful and elegant - Rali of Styles 'n Cream whipped up the most gorgeous crepes for the Recipe Exchange today - sounds like the perfect pre matinee breakfast to me!
xoxo, M

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This week has seen 80 + degree days out in Cali and negative temps in the Midwest...of course all the warm weather denizens want White Christmases and the snow bound northerners dream of beach, if you had your druthers where would you spend the holidays?  With a palm tree festooned with twinkling lights or a sprig of mistletoe and a roaring fireplace?
I think we all know which one I'd head off too ( picture please with a heated swimming pool or a ticket to HAWAII - Santa????)
Hope you are all having a lovely December no matter what the forecast brings your way...
now I'm headed over to wish one of my favorite blogettes - Rebecca of The Reluctant Floridian (now coming to you from LA) a very happy Birthday and check out her Vinaigrette recipe for the Exchange!
xoxo, M
images via The Brick House & Joslyn's Pinterest - Can you tell how much I love using Pinterest?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Makin' & Bakin' Part 2 - 0r How to Survive being Snowed In

Well folks, we were buried under 20 more inches of snow this weekend and for the first time in the 10 yrs I've lived in Minneapolis the city shut down (did you see the Metrodome roof collapse?)...even hearty Minnesotans can't compete with a snow plowing system that well, frankly, sucks! and wimpy Texans like me just huddle under the covers and wish they could hibernate...the three year old in the house was having none of that so instead we:
 folded kite paper for kaleidoscope window stars,

 made super buttery shortbread Christmas Cookies from Organic & Chic (my absolute favorite baking cookbook) - we split the dough in half and added Matcha to one for a pretty pale green hue and rose tea to the other with a few drops red food coloring for pale pink...and I'm dying to make these gold dusted Brownies,

  constructed the girliest space ship ever - who needs a toy store when boxes, pom poms, feathers, and streamers are on hand?,

stayed inside making chocolate chip pancakes while my husband shoveled for 3 hours, and strung ornaments to make this wreath (pretty cool, huh?), and finally braved the weather with our neighbors to hit the local brewpub in their BIG truck ...

Considering it's -7 degrees out now it looks like I'll have plenty of time to tackle Chassity of Look, Linger, Love's Chocolate Peanut Butter Bon Bons - they look pretty AMAZING!...and she was lovely enough to send me over her Want/Need/Wear/Read List as well  - Thanks Chassity!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Want, Need, Wear, Read

It's starting to get to that crazy, crunch time where the good holiday cheer starts to fade and the present buying panic sets I thought I'd share a little gift list mantra that my mom instituted a while ago that has helped ease the overspending/overstressing that can happen in the last few weeks of December...
Something you want...
Something you need...
Something to wear...
Something to read...

Last year I asked many of my favorite bloggers for their lists but couldn't quite pull it together this time around so I want to know what your want/need/wear/read list would be...tell me and I'll post some of my favorites next week! What's on my list? Want - Heath soup bowls (a good mix of french grey, linen, and matte brown would be lovely, no?) Need - practicalish snow boots for the million inches we've had this year (12 more this weekend forecasted - wah!), Wear - monogrammed PJ's - I've had my eye on this pair for ages, and Read - Shamefully I don't have Time For Dinner yet but could also use another clothbound Penguin Classic to add to my collection...

also wishing for more time to cook up some of the fab recipes from the exchange this week...
and the week's recap:
Dec 6 - Go To Girls - Enchilada Soup
Dec 7 - Jessica - Civetta - Deviled Eggs
Dec 8 - Katie - The 30 Girl - Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
Dec 9 - Kim - Lighter & Local - Snickerdoodle-Eggnog Cookie Pies

Happy weekend!! xoxo, M

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Current Crushes

Always crushing on Caroline Rogers of It Looks Good To Me fame  and I LOVE the new outfits and baby bump she did for Pretty Mommy (plus, without even knowing it, she chose an outfit I've been wearing practically every day - Stewart + Brown hand knit sweater, James Twiggy Jeans, Fleabags Soda Bag in Lipstick, and No 6 buckle boots)

 Feather wreaths and Succulent wreaths

(via ? & Tracy)

 My all time favorite calendar updated for 2011 and a new favorite astrology one

and the yummy new Virginia Johnson scarves at the shop (only 3 Camel scarves left!!)

also pretty yummy - Kim of Lighter & Local's Snickerdoodle-Eggnog Cookie Pies...Oh, how I love the Recipe Exchange!! xoxo, M

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Everyday Obsessions {22} - Sarah Hendler,

Last month, when I was in LA, I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my favorite blog buddies for lunch, the super cute and cool Sarah Hendler (think preppyish Zooey D with a great bob)...Sarah's an east coast girl who's been living on the west coast for the last decade working in film and also happens to be married to star chef Vinny Dotolo of Animal.  While Lila's early bedtime kept us from checking her hubby's culinary skills (which I hear are amazing!), Sarah happily shared tales of their gastonomic adventures over a plate of yummy hummus and soup...I'm anxious to make a solo trip to LA and check out all her favorite spots, feast at Animal and hit her up to be my shopping buddy for a the meantime here are some of her Everyday Obsessions - Thanks Sarah!
In My Closet:
tee - J Crew tissue T in a v-neck (a size bigger then normal. Better to be loose)
jeans - Levi's
on my feet -LL Bean's leather blucher moc.  I might live in LA but my heart is all East Coast. 

accessory - I am known for swinging a nice bag on my shoulder.  But most are gifted or from consignment (PRADA anything).  Bottega Veneta or I go super simple with anything in canvas.
jewelry - I love jewels.  Most of the time I have something antique/vintage.  Always a bracelet, necklace or if nothing else small studs.

Beauty Secrets:
Skin - Shu Uemura products.  I am one of the many followers of the cleansing oil.
makeup - My one must have,  travel around the world, anytime of year is: bobbi brown bronzing powder.  I have been using it for years.  I can't find anything better for my skin tone.
scent - jo malone french lime blossom for summer/fall and then anything else jo malone for the rest of the year.  Her rose scent is the best at night.
In My Kitchen:
cookbook - two dudes one pan!!!! of course!
gadget - french press by Bodum  and my juicer by Breville.
15 min easy recipe - Poached Eggs with olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.  Ezekiel Muffin.  Mucho protein.
can't live w/o ingredient - Maldon salt.  
walls - A Mark Ryden( my husband's).  Our bedroom has a "parlour" style wall of most of our collected art.  So fun to wake up/go to sleep and look at everything.
bedding - john robshaw (thanks Pretty Mommy!)
flowers - Whatever McGrath family farm has fresh from the fields at the Beverly Hills farmer's market. Lavender, wild flowers, sunflowers...
favorite design source - empiric in Los Angeles. 
Pop Culture Extra Credit:
on my nightstand - ipad, usually a flower or some leaves from outside in a vase , candle, and a little table light from Empiric.
on my tivo - east bound and down, modern family, 30 Rock, and Oprah.  I am a sucker for a good belly laugh and needed to see her favorite things!!
in my ipod - schulyer fisk (one of my BFF'S) and any old school A Tribe Called Quest.  I always mix it up.

Run over and check out Sarah's blog and then hit up Katie at the 30 girl to see what she's cooking up for the Recipe Exchange...
Happy Wednesday!
xoxo, M