Monday, September 27, 2010

Recipe Exchange

So this morning I vaguely mentioned a blog recipe exchange and have had some lovely responses...wanted to clarify a couple of things for anyone who was thinking of the idea is that each day someone new will post a easy, yummy fall recipe on their blog...and everyone participating will throw a little link to it at the bottom of their post for the day...dinner, crockpot and apple recipes are especially needed...and hopefully the question of "what's for dinner?" could become a little easier for all of us ;) Whew!  I'm already super excited to try out the crisp and chutney recipes Alecia & Danielle left in the comments today - THANK YOU!!  So if you're up for it drop me a line at shopprettymommy (at) hotmail (dot) com or in the comments below...xoxo, M
UPDATE - Here is the sign up sheet - Thanks ladies!!

image - Rifle Recipe Card Box


  1. Count me in! We are going to the apple orchard this weekend! Sooooo excited! I just made apple chicken curry last night. I also just pulled some new slow cooker recipes out. (I used to shun my slow cooker like it was beneath I look for new recipes all the time.
    So, will you tell us when to post, or do we just let you know. Forgive me...I am a bloggy dunce. You know this, right?
    P.S. How cute is Miss L in the apple orchard? :)


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