Thursday, September 2, 2010

Current Crushes

Okay, I've written this post about ten times and everything just sounds gobbledeegoop so I'm gonna keep it sweet & simple - needless to say I'm back, a bit out of practice and still haven't shaken my lazy streak!!  
So here goes...this book, One Day, read. it. now....seriously...
 Just try to get this album out of your head...Black Keys - Brothers...
and the new Arcade Fire is pretty freakin fantastic...

long, but not terribly oversized boyfriend button downs at H & M...
$9 - $24 - wha??? Get thee some pronto...

 Sleep, sleep, glorious sleep - how have I survived without you for so long? 
last week at the cabin...naps - check, early bedtime - check, dark circles - mysteriously fading...heaven! Which reminds is past my new, early Ciao, dahlings!
 xoxo, M

PS - How amazing were all my guest bloggers (with 2 more to post soon!)? I'm so honored, humbled, and thankful for their contributions - it was a true luxury!! Kisses to you all...


  1. One Day is the best book ever. They are currently making the movie in London. Anne Hathaway is playing Emma. You can also listen to the mixtape that Dexter made for Emma on spotify. Like I said I like this book!!

  2. Hooray, you're back! You were missed.

  3. Going to check out the book! The Black Keys album is AWESOME. Love it. My tot likes to play air guitar to the Black Keys and tells me to play the bass. LOL.
    So glad you had a peaceful vacay!
    I am loving everythng H&M has for fall....alas no H&M in my hood and no H&M online. Grrrrrr

  4. Love the book - I read it on holiday and seriously agree - everyone should read it! The ending wasn't what I wanted but even so, it was so carefully written. For anyone who lived through the 90s - so apt. Lou x

  5. Why is it that it is sometimes so hard to get the words to come out right. I think motherhood is a drain on my communication skills! Glad you had a restful trip and even more happy to have you back!!

  6. I loved the guest bloggers...glad to see your back. The H&M shirt is exactly what i have been looking for...going out to get it today. Have you heard the news about the collaboration of H&M and Lanvin? exciting.

  7. Thanks for having me! Hope you had a great trip!


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