Friday, July 30, 2010

I Heart You (and a winner!)

images - credits coming soon!!

I know I've already mentioned it, but YOU really made my year...after reading all your kind comments & emails I feel a bit like all these lovely ladies all rolled into one...(I know there was a giveaway involved but I'm Leo and will take complements and flattery anyway I can get them)  I'm looking forward to hearing lots more from y'all and visiting all your wonderful blogs, etc...and the non mommies who read - I'm sooo flattered! Sometimes it's hard to carry on an intelligent conversation, much less feel cool post baby...(seriously, sometimes my brain just feels disconnected!)
So, on to the important stuf!! The winner of the giftbag (according to is...PTKATE...thank you for reading & commenting!!
for those of you who didn't win, I'd love to offer a 25% discount at the shop now through Monday night - just enter "iheartu" at checkout...
Have a wonderful weekend! I have company and need to skedaddle...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I wish I Was...going on a road trip!

Oh man, my to do list today is a mile long...the kind of list that makes you want to curl up into a ball and cry or better yet, grab three of your best girlfriends and hit the road...
I stumbled across these Elle Italia pics of Erin Wasson's road trip through Texas at the fantastic Rose & Hudson and immediately wanted to pack up and go...the two above were taken at  Style Station outside of Waco - this totally wacky/cool vintage shop that's been there since I was a wee girl and was always my marker for knowing we were getting closer to Austin...see more here...I'm off to clean & pout a bit!
ps - Don't forget to enter the giveaway!!
pps - did I mention how much you ladies rock?  Kisses!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Few Things...

The Bomber clutches are sold out but these are a yummy alternative - Clare Vivier Remake Clutch

I've restocked Laura Lombardi, must haves like the stud earrings are in as well as some new pieces like this amazing necklace...

My favorite end of season sale is happening at J Crew (an extra 30% off!!)..Here's my little ritual: I go to the sale on the website, choose my size, sort by price low to high and don't look at anything higher than $39...keeps me in line! I stock up for Lila next year and get a few goodies for me like this chino bubble skirt that I'm going to pair with tights and T strap clogs for Fall

and I'd be totally remiss in my duties if I didn't mention the new line Chance that has been heating up the blogosphere this week, I've seen it on no less than 15 of my favorite blogs and I stole this lovely collage from Haydee, but I have to give credit to my super cool friend Emily for knowing about before it hit the interweb :)
side note: my V.C.F. (very cool friend) and trend predictor in NYC says she'll puke if she sees another stripe shirt this summer - are we about to hit stripe backlash ladies??
Hope your afternoon is cool & lazy!
PS - don't worry - stripes are classic! they'll always be tops ;)

Style Stalker

A morning at the museum, surrounded by preschool set, one eye on L, one eye on the boy getting a little too feisty with the music paddles, when they appeared...across the room...tall, slim, impossibly chic...two women (not girls, these two) one in an oversize men's button down, an eclectic guatamalan shoulder bag...the other in a vintage Hermes silk shirt, perfect tousled bob...both with skinny but not tight jeans...I inched a little closer, examining the details as any style scout would do and then I saw them - not one but 2 perfectly matched pairs of camel Lanvin Ballet flats...but M, you say, Oh those...they've been around forever and aren't they kind of...boring??  so I shake my head and say no, not boring, just total. simple. perfection - the kind of shoe you'll throw on everyday and only get better with age...

Oh, by the way - they were French, of course!
xoxo, M

ps - your comments yesterday!! Really I was over the moon...y'all rock!! I so appreciate it, especially because I know how hard it is to make time to comment...I can't wait to have a minute to respond tomorrow and pack up your little tanks ;)

pps - if you are ever at the St Paul Children's Museum you can avoid the McD's by leaving out the front and heading to fuji ya for lunch - yum!

pps - This Store has some crazy deals on Lanvin - not many sizes left though...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Year Ago Today...(and a giveaway!!)

Muchos Besos Card - Beau Ideal Editions - via loxpapers
It's hard to believe but one year ago today, on a bit of a whim, I started this little blog - feeling a bit like today - wanting to throw out my whole closet and start over - things never change, no? friend Shayla had invited me to guest blog on Live Savvy and I have to admit I totally dug other people reading little ol me...It's been a pretty amazing ride so far, albeit much more time consuming than is probably necessary (or healthy!)  I've so loved hearing your opinions and thoughts, have had the best time discovering so many cool, creative women bloggers out there...and it's afforded me the opportunity to stick my feet in the retail waters once again with my little shop...

So, I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all my readers, commentators, and supporters!! You've made my day, week, year!!  I've rounded up a little gift bag from my shop and will give it away to one reader...please leave  a comment below to be entered - I'll pick one at random on Friday morning!
I'd love to know: what do you like, what do you want to see more of, what are you bored with, basically, how can I engage you more??  I also have a limited number of cute layering tanks that I will give out until supplies last so if you'd like one please shoot me an email with your comments & address to shopprettymommy (@) hotmail (dot) com...
In the gift bag: Laura Lombardi Earrings, Matta Coloring Book & Corazon Necklace, Archive Zodiac Bracelet, Alternative Apparel Tee Dress,  Shabd Tie Dye Scarf, & Shanna Murray Decal!!!

So where do I go from here?? I'd love to give my shop a bit of a makeover & name change - suggestions please?? what are you looking for these days??
kisses to you all!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Holy Handbags!

What handbag(s) am I rocking this summer?? Head over to to find out!! Thanks Sarah! xoxo
image - Lucy Laucht

Vintage Malia

My girl B, no doubt one of the most stylish I know, is opening her vault of Malia vintage dresses and selling a choice number on ebay - run and check them out - they won't last long!!

Black, Ivory & Camel

I completely fell in love with this layout in the August Bazaar - I love the black, ivory, & camel combo...wouldn't it make things so simple to stick to a few neutral colors and add some great accessories?  I think it might be time for a closet purge! and can we talk about the hair?? LOVE!!

A few of Vanessa's girls...

An early Fall wishlist:  J Crew Gingham shirt, Billykirk Felt Hat, Clare Vivier Mini-sac, Thomas Mason Tuxedo Shirt, J Crew 2 tone brogues, Current Elliott Roller jeans, Leopard Belt, Minnetonka Moccasins, See by Chloe Wallet
What are you excited about for Fall?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Practicing What I Preach

First, just wanted to say a huge Thank You for all your kinds words and comments this week - y'all totally make my day!!  Finally hit a yoga class last night - exactly what I needed - and loved what the teacher had to say - she was speaking about practice but I thought it applied wonderfully to how I've been feeling lately
to paraphrase - "how do you find your own rhythm? how do you be inspired by others without being influenced by the fastness or slowness of their journey?"  So in light of that, I'm signing off early today, leaving my phone at home and heading out to go blueberry picking with L...
I hope you all do something lovely for yourself this weekend - even just a cup of tea in a quiet place or a pedicure/trashy magazine session :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'll be Your Best Friend...

love this cool alternative to a friendship bracelet - meant to be cut in two 
one for you & one for your bestie
DePalma Leather Bracelet at Steven Alan
Refinery 29 has a great friendship necklace diy too...

PS - if this Izzy top showed up at my door I'd be your best friend too...

PPS - I finally succumbed to twitter - follow me over there for a special sale code...xoxo

Romping Around

Hardly a day goes by that I don't read someone singing the praises of the romper...and they are so super cute & stylish - I totally heart this wiksten + mociun collaboration...however, I always have to giggle because my own romper experience was a little less than elegant...bought one last summer to wear for a little NYC getaway - cut to a hot day in the city, lots of hydrating, and lots of visits to small, cramped public ladies rooms - let's just say getting fully undressed every time nature calls can leave a girl feeling less than I don't know what possessed me to buy another but I picked up this one on sale and wore it yesterday until my husband came home and referred to me as Ally Sheedy for the rest of the evening...
any funny fashion foibles in your past?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vanity, thy name is Michelle

In about 2 1/2 weeks I turn 35, which, I realize, is not nearly old enough to start lamenting wrinkles and grey hair...after all, I am the same age as Drew Barrymore so the idea of getting old doesn't seem possible, right?
But there they are, those wiry grays starting to sprout, the tiny lines wrinkling around my eyes when I smile...and generally, I'm cool with that...but.....after perusing the holiday pics from this past weekend I had a little moment, a slight hiccup in self esteem, a mini mid 30's crisis if you will...
so, here's my game plan to hit 35 feeling more Drew than drawn...

1. Do something active everyday - ride my bike, yoga, long walk, etc
2. Get a much overdue facial - luckily my favorite esthetician, Kristin, is running an amazing special for the next 2 days - hurry to take advantage of it here
3. Tame my crazy brows, which have been hiding behind my bangs long enough...waxing makes me break out so I'm headed to Christina at Blink for some threading
4. Avoid sugar like it's the plague (yikes, no daily ice cream break??)
5.  Get my hair did - inch long roots are not doing me any favors
6. Buy a REAL bra...I'm such a wuss about underwires but going from b to c to a over the last 3 years has my girls looking a little less than fab - oh, the sacrifices of motherhood - any suggestions??
7. Quit buying t-shirt dresses and invest in one cute "date" dress...Tucker, do you hear me calling?
8. Hit some pilates classes for my posture - the hunchback look has never been chic
9.  Pedicure, pedicure, pedicure and some short red fingernails
10.  Beauty Rest!! (this might be the answer to all my problems!)

Anyone want to join in?? I'd love some spa partners...August 9th is d-day! I'd love to hear your beauty secrets...
xoxo, M

Pastoral Perfection

I was trying to sneak peeks at my Vogue yesterday as we were unpacking the car when I spied Miranda Brooks amazing wedding...the dress embroidered with flowers, her daughters Poppy & Violette Grey, the dashing groom, and the bucolic setting - Wow!!
scans via duchess fare

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Travel Essential: Towelettes - Elizabeth Dehn, Beauty Bets

If ever a girl needed a beauty guru, it is 4 days into a camping trip...luckily I have Elizabeth Dehn, of the fantastic Beauty Bets, here to fill in as we drive back to civilization and better internet addition to her must read blog, Elizabeth also writes for Fashion Weekly, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Minnesota Monthly, and the Star Tribune and serves as the regular beauty contributor to Twin Cities Live television. Thanks Elizabeth!

Summer Travel Essential: Towelettes
Elizabeth Dehn /

Ye old baby wipes have evolved into ingenious beauty essentials for grown-ups. Practical, multi-tasking, and perfect for on-the-go, there’s one for nearly every purpose under the sun. Here, my top three picks:

Sonia Kashuk Self-Tanning Towelettes ($10)– Though I was skeptical at first (sunless-tanner is tricky enough), these budget-friendly cloths are easy to use and impart the most natural-looking golden glow. Available for both the face and body, I actually use the body version on my face as well, to save space in my suitcase!

SuperGoop Sunscreen Swipes SPF 30 ($10 and up)The gold standard for serious sun protection, this paraben, oxybenzone, and fragrance free water-resistant sunblock was already the jam. Now that it comes in packs of eight wipes, I don’t go anywhere without it. (From $10 at Nordstrom)

Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes ($6)Facial cloths are nothing new, but these are something else entirely. They cleanse, remove makeup, and moisturize in one refreshing swoop. Toss them in your suitcase, gym bag, or desk for afternoon refreshers. More amazing: They’re biodegradable.

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Pretty Coloring Book Sheet #1 - Badaude for Pretty Mommy

Happy Monday! We're still soaking up some outdoor adventures so here's the next Pretty Mommy coloring book sheet by Badaude...are you having fun with these?
Click here to download and print and here to see the cover sheet...more to follow so collect them all!

Featured - some favorites from the shop:  John Robshaw Curtains, Stewart + Brown Petal Smock Dress, Clare Vivier La Trop Tote, Alternative Apparel Athena Tank, Shabd Hand-dyed Leggings
Laura Lombardi Brass Bar Earrings, Stewart + Brown Camellia Dress

ps - more markdowns and new arrivals from Nomadic Trading Co - really amazing beach towels, sarongs, scarves and more...xoxo

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin!

Just a little something to get you warmed up for next Sunday's season premiere of Mad Men....
It's funny, because I'm actually not overly swoony over Don Draper - the whole cheater thing really turns me off - but I did find him super attractive on 30 Rock - weird??
That said, I'm just a tad excited to find out what's happening at the new Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce...
are you?  and so glad to have Joanie back in a bigger role again...
pic via the awesome Jessica, of the new on my radar blog {civetta}
Jessica also alerted me to these perfect pjs after I was lusting over Gwenyth's - perfect for a bit of MM watching!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Gone Camping...

I'm off to enjoy the great outdoors with the fam...
(hopefully reading & relaxing but admittedly not Joyce)

picnicing galore!
see ya on the flip side...
Marilyn here & Sophia here

Mellow Yellow...

Yellow & Blue - the combo that kicked off my new yellow obession (love the camel belt too!)
The Sartorialist - via the excellent Sarah

an unexpected yellow door frame

Yellow Chair, Yellow Rocker

Jenna's Yellow Sofa
A smidgen of yellow in this gorgeous rainbow clutch 
via the lovely Domestic Reflections

Yellow Lucite

 yellow & pink (and look - it's my bike!)

and classic b/w & yellow...

What's your favorite combo these days?