Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Part Two - The Updates - #1 & #2

#1 - The Silk Shirt 
Okay, you looked a little perplexed...silk, you ask? Yes, normally this blog is silk, chiffon, satin and high heel free - all lovely things but I prefer a washable & comfortable wardrobe...however I'm fully seduced by the return of the washed silk, slightly roomy blouse...fully endorsed by Garance, Lucy, Hanneli and Carine - I might splurge on the original by Equipment but Madewell, Zara and I'm sure H & M do a great version as well...super sexy left open a little too low with a tiny gold necklace

#2 - Wool Felt Hat
I'm going out on a limb and declaring this to be the year to ditch your knit beanie and embrace more sophsticated headgear...Not hard for me since I can't bear any itchy, scratchy, knitwear and the bad hair that goes along with it...So I plan to trade in my straw fedora for a winter version...I love, love, the Anda & Masha chapeaus (Drew Barrymore stylists of late and seen hanging with Garance) Drew's sporting the Keith...
What do you think?? Two more tomorrow...


  1. Love the shirt in that first picture with the faded shorts. And I too have spent the summer in a straw fedora, and am looking forward with glee to picking out a winter version! Jury's still out. Though I do also love the grey stetson at Madewell...I'm not sure it goes with my bobbed hair.

  2. I love the silk shirt but since I sweat like a man, I don't think it will happen. So bummed. :(
    BUT, I have gotten into hats this year and like you, I'm ready to trade in my summer fedora for a smart wool one for Fall. I love the ones you're showing here.

    AND, thanks for stopping by today and saying hi!!!

  3. need both..can i tell you my size and you pick one up for me?

  4. Here Here! I am buying a fedora this year, maybe in burgandy or green...really beautiful with a feather in it. It is totally happening.

  5. I love the shirts- super comfortable, sexy- yet casual.

    I love many of the hats shown here, but still have yet to wear hats myself. Someday... :)

  6. I am so there with you. such a great piece for fall.

  7. love the modern twist on the classics, tres chic!

  8. I love the silk shirt with gold necklace look. But, I sweat worse than whore in church, so I will have to admire it on you.

  9. I love the first or second pictures the most because of that dusty pink color of the silk shirt!


  10. I bought the Comme des Garcons for H&M black fedora a couple of years ago but have never worn it so much as this Fall. It's just a little too big (being from the men's collection) but I kind of like that as it gives it an Annie Hall feel. I love the more feminized hat with the rounded top and the feathers in the last photo - Hmmm - maybe I need that shape too...

  11. Ooh that lady in the top left is so perfect. I would die to fit into jeans like that again. Apparently had unreasonable expectations for losing pregnancy weight. Hrrmmpf.

    Surely by his first birthday. Surely.

  12. i MEANT top left of second cluster of photos. just to be clear.


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