Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hot Streak

Yes, I'm starting to sound like a broken record but I just can't seem to pull it together lately...maybe it's the not quite summer not quite fall weather but I'm just at a loss to think (or write) clearly...However I'm taking comfort in Miss Barrymore's sartorial hot streak - she looks absolutely fantastic but just slightly undone so maybe I can channel that for a bit, eh?
xoxo, M

PS - Random Thoughts
 * How amazing was Mad Men this past week - loved the whole Don/Peggy dynamic - whew!
 * Am I the only person who finds it incredibly rude when people don't wave when you let them your lane...manners, people!  Come to think of it no one in MN does this - Minnesota Nice my foot...
* Where has Julie Delpy been? Caught 2 Days in Paris on TV last night - miss her... Before Sunrise & Sunset are two of my all time favorites (oh! the last scene in Before Sunset just kills me...)
* My oldest niece started Jr High this week (is there anything more terrifying than 7th grade?) Remembering my first week wardrobe - Coca Cola Rugby Shirt, Liz Claiborne purse with the embossed triangles, tight rolled jeans, Units (UNITS!!), Black Guess Acid Washed with zippers...ring any bells?


  1. Drew bought the last dress, for the Nylon event, at Feathers Boutique in Austin for $25! Yea for vintage!

  2. i was thinking the same thing! she's looking so good these days.

  3. I am starting to think that you and I should form the Drew fan club. I have loved her since I was a kid. I even loved her during her bad girl days. She looks so adorable in that gold gown and in those rolled cargos with the hat. And I am totally channeling her hair lately (except for the highlights, which just make me look old).
    Yes, I get annoyed when people don't wave. I get more annoyed when you are stuck in traffic and people don't let you in.
    Junior High...oh my. I can't remember what I wore but I had the Liz Claiborne purse. I also had "the claw" going on with my bangs, green eyeliner and covergirl pale pink lipstick. EPIC.

  4. YES TO DREW!!! Such a good call. love your little photo montage! One of my favorite looks of the month was that denim shirt and white skirt. It was so Ralph Lauren inspired and she is so not a RL gal. I loved the way she pulled it all together.

  5. Been loving her lately! Her style is so spot on. You have to see Going The Distance, if only for her wardrobe!

  6. I love Drew's style; you can tell she really enjoys what she wears. I always admire that. And tell me about the writing/thinking block--I'm kind of starting a blog and it's hard (not to mention the blechy generic templates)! I have to get my act together. :) So kudos on having a great blog...I have renewed respect!

  7. Yes- to answer your question- 6th grade... because that is when my son started middle school last year!! And it was a challenging, interesting, 'growing' year- all in one. Thank God 7th grade has been a breeze in comparison- so far (knock on wood:).

    I totally agree- I (for one) always wave:).

  8. These pictures remind me how much I enjoyed watching Going the Distance, haha.

  9. Thinking about 7th grade makes me want to run and hide and maybe cry a little. I wore a white and royal blue Esprit dress with the collar up for my pictures that year. Still remember how very cool I felt that day. Such a dork.

  10. seriously, that tension at the end with Don touching Peggy's hand could not get any better. he's a rock star actor esp after seeing him on the emmy's when you could tell JH is a total goof ball. Don and Peggy would never @%()@*% but the sexual chemistry is pretty cool. you crack me up ML!!! xo w

  11. Just thinking about coca-cola rugbys and Units makes me cringe. You could have a whole wardrobe with just a few pieces!! Why did we ever think that was cool?

  12. mad men this past week was the best one of the season...INCREDIBLE.

    also- in LOVE with DB's outfit for the today show (denim shirt, white skirt). i saw her on TV that day in that get up and fell in love with it!

  13. My son started 7th grade two weeks ago. You shouls have seen his get up - red basketball pants with a stained white stripe, a red and white striped polo shirt, and black basketball shoes with no socks. And hair sticking up everywhere! I prompltly told him no boy of mine was starting 7th grade looking like that and made him fix his hair and put on a pair of khaki cargo shorts. Boys just don't seem to care!

    xo Erin

  14. Totally been loving her lately! SO original and pretty. And her hair? all about it.
    Also, i must agree about the waving, I always think, "um,...your welcome". haha.



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