Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Want/Need/Wear/Read - Breanna, Scout & Catalogue

Whoa! Did Christmas just come and go? (and can I breathe a secret sigh of relief?) Hope you all had a fantastic holiday! It was a whopping 50 degrees here yesterday, sunny & NO SNOW! Which was like a huge present to me...I still have a whole weeks worth of designer wish lists to post (which can come in handy if you have some xmas money burning a hole in your pocket - speaking of, have you checked out the major sale over at the shop?)...Next up is Breanna of Scout & Catalogue fame...I know that quite a few of her constellation clutches were nestled in boxes under the tree and I just might of snuck away a neon one for myself...

Something you Want: 
Obviously I'm a sucker for large beautiful scarves and I've been eyeing up this indigo A Peace Treaty wrap for awhile now. 

Something you Need: 
I'm in desperate need of winter shoes and the classic Swedish Hasbeens Jodhpur boots in black are calling my name. (on model photo courtesy of Wikstenmade

Something to Wear: 
This is our second true Canadian winter and this time I'm going to be ready for it with one of these amazing recycled fur hats by Rachel F.

  Something to Read: 
If you had the choice to travel into the past or future which direction would you choose? I would definitely head for the past but since time travel isn't an option the lovely book At Home: A Short History of Private Life by Bill Bryson is surely the next best thing. Using the traditional Victorian English home as a guide Bryson takes you through history and shows you how our current domestic habits have been shaped by our past.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Want/Need/Wear/Read - Sonya Gallardo

I love it when multi-facted artists turn their attention to jewelry - the results are always thoughtful & organic... Sonya Gallardo and her Hi/Low collection are no exception...the simple & sexy designs are inspired by Rothko & symbols found in folk art and are already a shop favorite...Thanks to Sonya for sharing her Want/Need/Wear/Read!

Something you Want: Shino Takeda cone hanging planter
Something you Need: Caran d'Ache neon ball pen
Something to Wear: heels by A Detacher
Something to Read: Egon Schiele: Drawings and Watercolors

Something to Gift: color stack bracelet (releasing this Spring).

Monday, December 19, 2011

Want/Need/Wear/Read - Winifred Grace

Yay! I'm back to kick off another week of wish lists with jewelry designer Winifred Grace Gundeck...I'm a huge fan of her glam yet earthy mix and her bold black & gold combinations strike just the right note for this time of year...I'd be a happy girl to find any of her jewels under the tree but this necklace with a bit a bright blue thrown in might be a personal favorite...and Winifred has a big holiday ahead with the impending arrival of her first born! Thanks WG!

Something You Want:
Brunello Cucinelli Wing-Tip Flat Work Boot
what every new mom needs! a $1200 boot! although I do think these would last until I'm a grandmother: impeccably-made and timeless.
Something you Need: Stylish baskets to store baby's toys
 Something to Wear: a custom swimsuit (to accommodate my newest post-baby curves) from awesome NY-based company Malia Mills 

Something to Read: The Happiest Baby on the Black here's hoping!! 

Something to gift: 
I've been wearing this non stop as it is so easy and light. Great layered or by itself, and transitions into Spring perfectly ... some family members will be seeing this under their tree!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ballet! and a POP- up!

Good afternoon friends! Lila and I had our annual Nutcracker date this morning...we're going on our third year and it really is my absolute favorite holiday thing...something about it just feels magical...I never get tired of the costumes & music...I think I've posted some of these pictures before but I just had to revisit this series Rachel Papo did last year...someday I'd love to take the girls to New York and see the ABT production...wouldn't that be dreamy?
what is your tippy top favorite thing this season??

Speaking of revisiting we decided to throw together a last minute pop-up for the locals! If you are in the Twin Cities come join me this Sunday at Spruce from 11 - 3! I'll be bringing along all the fantastic jewelry collections, new Small Trades tees, Clare Vivier handbags, Matta scarves and more...
Spruce: 4751 Chicago Ave S Mpls, MN  

Happy Weekend - I'll be back all next week with more designer wishlists - yay!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Want/Need/Wear/Read - Jennifer Sarkilahti, Odette

Well, we might as well continue in the Brooklyn vibe with today's Want/Need/Wear/Read and check in with yesterday's studio mate - Jennifer Sarkilahti of Odette...another huge favorite around these parts (I've been sporting the rib ring nonstop and her arrow cuffs might be the most popular wishlist item of the season) I'm also totally crushing on her picks...(dreaming of a Jamaica getaway and can personally vouch that those Bea boots are the BEST) Thank you Jennifer!!

Something you want: 
A few days here
Something you need: 
Something to wear:
 Another pair of Beatrice Valenzuela shoes

Something to read:
An Everlasting Meal:Cooking with Economy and Grace

Something to Give:
A lot of friends and family will be finding Arrow Cuffs under the tree this

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Want/Need/Wear/Read - Anne McClain, MCMC

Today's Want/Need/Wear/Read comes from another favorite brooklynite - Anne McClain, the lovely gal behind one of my absolute favorite fragrance lines MCMC...I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite...Hunter, Noble, Maine...they are all equally dreamy but lately I've been wearing Noble and can't get enough of smelling myself...(Is that totally weird)...and her Dude no 1 Beard Oil is the best stocking stuffer for that hipster boy in your life...  Thank you for sharing your holiday wishlist Anne!!

Something you want:

Something you need:

Something to Wear:

Something to Read:

and Something to Gift:
I'm gifting everyone in my family Garden - I think they'll like knowing 50% of the proceeds goes to a farm in upstate New York

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Want/Need/Wear/Read - Ilana Kohn

If you been around these parts for a while you know my favorite gift giving mantra for the holidays (via my awesome Mom) is "Something you want,  something you need, something to wear, and something to read..."  For me, it has really helped simplify the more, more, more craziness that can happen this time of year and in the past I've had some of my favorite bloggers chime in...this year though, I thought I'd invite some of my favorite designers to share their wishlists and I'm thrilled to kick things off with one of my favorite discoveries of 2011 (yes, I know - how was I not a fan before??) brooklyn based Ilana Kohn.  

Something you want:
 I already have a couple of Ermie dresses but I'm greedy and always want more!  Jennifer's textiles are just insanity.

Something you need:
I was in desperate need of a new wallet and just got this amazing one from Rennes over the weekend.  Thank goodness for this thing, I can finally find what I need!  And if it looks good in the picture, it’s even better in person I tell ya.

Something to Wear:
 also have quite a few Brvtvs pieces and wear them all the time.  This one reminds me of a necklace my mom always wore when I was a kid.  That said, I want to wear it.  Everyday. 

Something to Read:
Jane EyreThis one never gets old.

As for what I’m giving to friends & family:
I’m hoping to have one of these for my partner in marbling crime Emily in time for x-mas.  She’ll look way hot in it. :)
Thanks for including me in this Michelle! :)

Thank you Ilana!
I've been living in her Samet Shirt and there are a few lucky girls on my list who might find one of her + Emily's marbled scarves in their stocking on Christmas morning...
xoxo, M

Friday, December 9, 2011

Operation January

pic - Solid Frog via Miya's pinterest
So here's my beef with the holidays (oh, come on, you knew it was coming...) - December is absolutely packed to the brim with so many events, gatherings, and seasonal fun that it becomes well, a bit of a drag and the overabundance of specialness looses it's well, specialness...and then January comes along empty, gray and quiet with it's bleak depressing skies...throw in some car window scraping, some itchy sweaters, some icy sidewalks and by February I'm grumpier than all get out...so last night, while furiously trying to put together a holiday card order and realizing that I would have to pay the express fee to get them anywhere near in time to send out for Christmas..it dawned on me...why not take half my December list and move it to January?  Those Christmas cards could easily be New Year's cards right? That advent calendar I still haven't gotten around to making? Why not have a January calendar with a fun treat or event everyday of the month?  and you know if I skip half my baking projects I might not have to drink smoothies the first half of the new year, eh?  So that's my plan...I'm taking it down a notch in December and turning it up a bit in January...balance...it's a good thing!

A couple of happy makers today...
good Christmas music...digging the She & Him holiday station on Pandora - mostly free of cheese (although a Jessica Simpson track did show up - wah?)
and finding something to put on my holiday wishlist (note to husband - Tom Dixon etch candleholder) that is 
a) something I didn't already buy for myself (oh yeah, I'm one of those)
and b) not so expensive that I'm embarrassed to ask for it
okay - that's it - Louisa is trying out her typing skills so I better close it up and get going!

PS - Want to win a $100 Pretty Mommy Gift Certificate?? Like me on Facebook and share the contest link with your friends - let me know you did on here or facebook!  I'll pick a winner on Monday...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dear John...

Have you caught the American Masters about John Lennon's years in NYC? He seemed like a really good Dad...chokes me up everytime...pay your respects here...

Monday, December 5, 2011

It's LE CATCHing...

Hellllooooo long lost friends!! Anyone out there? or are you all running around trying to get up to speed since the holiday season is in full swing? Our calendar is already packed to the brim with Nutcrackers, reindeers, pomanders, tree trimming, and cookies...oh my!  I really am at a loss as to where to pick up on this blog again so I thought I'd pop in with something simple and fun and then dive into what's been happening around these parts later this week - whew!
Even though I've been tweeting & facebooking daily about the shop I really have made good on my promise to be away from the computer more so I'm feeling a bit out of the loop blog wise...but I did happen to find this gem on Clare's site called Le Catch...written by Lucky's west coast editor, Marlien Rentmeester (that's her on the right with her twin sister in the new Madewell catalog), it's a fantastic hi-low how to get dressed guide...especially perfect for this time of year when  holiday parties can throw you into a sartorial tailspin (although I'm completely convinced that you can almost wear sweatpants if you have one awesomely big statement necklace to throw on...I wore this one Friday night and it was a knockout).  
Hope this finds you all well!
xoxo, M

ps - because it's the season - take 25% off all orders over $150 and FREE US shipping...enter "countdown" at checkout...check out the new arrivals!
pps - I have a handy "Under $50" and "under $100" section - lots of goodies!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday!

I'm headed back from a dreamy mountain trip (without wifi! All week! Yikes!) so I'll keep it brief... One day... 30% off...it's all happening...(with a few exceptions)...www.shopprettymommy.com
Xoxo, M

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Making a list...

If you've read this blog for any length of time you probably know I'm a HUGE fan of Simone LeBlanc...I'd like to think that because we share the same last name we must be kindred sartorial spirits but the truth is Simone has a far more sophisticated eye (as befits one of LA's top lifestylists)...so I was especially thrilled to see she had picked a Matta scarf from the shop for her gift guide in the new Anthology magazine...the issue is chock full of great ideas for everyone on your list so head on over and check it out...Merci Beaucoup Simone!

Monday, November 14, 2011

I Get By With a Little Help from my Friends...

Whew!! How are you girlies? I feel like I completed a whirlwind Project Runway challenge this weekend... "you have $200 & 4 hours to put an entire shop together...Make it work!"...luckily I had many wonderful friends & an excellent husband to help me pack up, put up, sell, sell, sell, break down, and put in order again...( as befits a PR challenge I was still tagging items as the party started)  The pop-up shop was a blast - thank you to everyone who stopped in to check it out!  The best part was getting to hang out with my favorite gals in the city (and I apologize if your pocketbooks feel a little lighter friends!)...I truly appreciate your support!

So here is a little shout out to all the awesome people who made it happen...(seriously, does everything in my life takes a village?)
To Amy - who's flower shop Spruce is one of the most gorgeous, warm spaces in the city - completely reflective of her personality
To Mandee, my lovely assistant who always takes care of the nuts & bolts and keeps the show going
To Emily F, my retail partner in crime, who lent her excellent vintage curating skills to the mix, helped from start to finish, and has the amazing shop Collect
To Nadia, aka Revelry Studio, who not only lent her super awesome styling talents to the whole shebang but also rounded up all her fantastic friends AND trekked back to help pack it up...
To Emily S, who took time out from her two boys to help set up and take pictures, and might secretly be my Pretty Mommy shop muse...(did I mention how much I love those dull Diamond girls? Her and Jen are the bees knees - for real)
To Wendy, who picked up cupcakes last minute, always inspires me to want to be more thoughtful, and has a fantastic new blog, Brown Ink, about the lost art of the handwritten word...(or at least it's a lost art to me)
To Joslyn & Christine, who were there spirit - Joslyn's Pace necklaces literally flew out of the door and every little girl who walked into Spruce couldn't help but swoon over the Little Bean dresses
and To Sally who is always whipping up adverts for me at a moments notice, to Carina who gave me the one thing I wanted for the weekend - good hair, and To Vasilia who is forever getting me organized...
you ladies are all rock stars...
AND...big ups to my husband who kept the two littles happy, fed, and entertained...xoxoxoxo, M

ps - if you are so inclined...you can check out more pics on the PM facebook page...

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's all Happening..

I'm feeling a little epic today...so here's a 7 minute Wilco jam to get things started...Hope to see you Minneapolitans at the POP-UP this weekend.... Tonight at Spruce (on Chicago across from Turtle Bread) 6-9 and Saturday from 10-1...and for all the rest of you lovelies - Happy 11/11/11 !
xoxo, M

Monday, November 7, 2011

Just because...

 Just because...every girl needs more stripes

 an endless assortment of slouchy, cool clutches...

xoxo, M