Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gone Riding...

Is there anything chicer than a girl and her bike?

My new ride...
I wanted something a little more vintage but my since most of them don't come size "extra short"
 this Electra Townie was the best fit...
can't wait to outfit it with some cool accessories
I always love window shopping at Adeline Adeline
okay...I'm off!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No Pants Required

Stealing from the boys never looked so fresh...

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Aren't these just stunning?
both via Courtney

Monday, June 28, 2010

Full Moon

On Saturday my lovely friend Shayla had a "full moon" blessing/party with amazing group of women...yes, that is as new agey as it sounds and it was perfect...sometimes my little gen-x, jaded, cynical, too cool for school vibe needs some uplifting girl power to get me back on track...we lit candles, talked about our passions, frustrations, and had blast seeing some old friends and meeting new ones...I think that's one the amazing things about being a woman is our ability to be open to having experiences beyond surfacey chit chat, no?

My "hippie mama" look...dress from Mexico, braided belt - target, beaded sandals, windy mink earrings, hair in fraulein braids...

my "dream" hippie mama look...Mysie long dress, Raffia Clutch,  Gold sandals, Robindira Unsworth Bangles

We drew goddess cards and I keep getting the same one - Yemaya - Golden Opportunity... Love it...

kisses to all you amazing women & for connecting us together Shayla!! my golden opportunity was getting to hang with y'all for the night...

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Sneak Peek at Clare...

A couple of the lust worthy objects by Clare Vivier making their way to the shop...

Clare & Jocelyn even feed them chocolates and coffee before they get on an airplane...
Bon Voyage little bags ...looking forward to your arrival!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Everyday Obsessions {19} - Jessica, Destined to Design

Destined to Design is quickly becoming my one stop blog for not only fashion & design, but also recipes and music...Jessica covers them all with her impeccable taste and the simple, clean layout is a sight for sore eyes (literally!)...Take a peek at her Everyday Obsessions & then check out her fantastic blog with fun features like Mixtape Mondays, and For the Record.  Thanks Jessica for making my reader all the chicer!

In My Closet:
tee - anthropologie's 
relaxing tee in white
jeans - urban outfitters' 
bdg ankle skinny jean

on my feet - chelsea crew perforated oxford in tan
accessory - kenneth cole 
don't delay watch
jewelry - my 
name necklace in gold

Beauty Secrets:
Skin - cerave cleanser 
and lotion
makeup - 
liquid powder mineral foundation
scent - 
hanae mori butterfly

In My Kitchen:
cookbook - 
the french market by joanne harris
gadget - 
15 min easy recipe - 
fried egg on asparagus with truffle oil
can't live w/o ingredient - sea salt

walls - white
bedding - ikea's 
dvala duvet cover & pillow cases in white
flowers - peonies
favorite design source - the 
rose bowl swap meet

Pop Culture Extra Credit:
on my nightstand - 
thinking with type by ellen lupton
on my tivo - currently: 
30 rock, always: seinfeld
in my ipod - it's always changing, but right now: 
grizzly bear & yeasayer

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Here, There, Everywhere...

A bit of our summer so far...isn't it flying by?
Ate about a hundred spinach salads all from my garden...
Lots of inspiration in Fanny at Chez Panisse
A cake from this book, the first peonies, and lovely, lovely lavender

Staying cool at the Zilker Nature Preserve, hitting Sno-Beach for some coconut & cream...
The mobile food trailers in Austin are out of control!
running though the gardens at East Side Cafe, and petting turtles at the Botanical Gardens

Lots of garden porn...peas, herbs, mache & arugula, lilies...growing, growing, gone!
a Leo for this leo & my Japanese Maples
Lunch at our favorite cafe
an attempt at an "outfit pic" a la Joslyn...
layered tees, boyfriend jeans, chunky necklace & t-strap clogs - a bit of a uniform until it warmed up - I've since moved on to my much preferred diet of dresses
all pics by me - shocking, I know...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shop Talk - New Arrivals and Markdowns...

Super excited about the Laura Lombardi pieces that just arrived...
Perfectly lovely and the prices are pretty fab too!

Also, just sent some more items to the sale section...
Happy Shopping!

ps - Did you know that John Robshaw does shower curtains and window curtains too?
We can always special order anything you don't see online...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Somewhere, Sofia, and The Chateau

I know, I know...everyone and their mother has posted this Somewhere trailer...but I'd be remiss in my status as Sofia's biggest fan if I didn't I've watched it about 10 times now...LOVE Julian Casablancas singing the Stokes demo and psyched that it's set at Chateau Marmont which I have a teensy obsession with...I've had some weird adventures there...seen many crazy famous people in it's halls including a run in with ANNA WINTOUR!!! ...and Matthew Modine singing "Blue Moon" to a friend and I at 2am in the lobby while eating chocolate cake...sigh! I would love to live there for a month...

ps - Did you hear Sofia had her second baby - congrats!!!

Art at Layla...and a dress to swoon over!

Love these Aleaxander Kori Girard prints on display at one of my all time favorite boutiques Layla

Speaking of Layla - you can also find her beautiful collection of clothing at one of my other favorites Nonchalant Mom...I'm really dreaming of this dress which is sold out in my size - wah! - so hurry, hurry and snatch up the other 2 left...

Shopping Blues...

A few things that won't break the bank...Gap denim vest, old navy stripe dress, gap floral dress, gap stripe tote, Madewell espadrilles, gap stripe sandals - all under $60!
gotta run...sick kiddo so probably a viewing of Mary Poppins on tap...a spoonful of sugar...lalalala
Happy Monday!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Weekend Rental - Dad's Day Double Feature

If my Dad had a style icon it would have to be the King of Cool himself Steve McQueen...and who can blame him - the man had some serious style and his bad boy persona made him a favorite of men & ladies alike...while I'd pick something with a bit of romance like The Thomas Crown Affair, I think Bullitt, with it's classic car chase has to be required father's day viewing...
Of course, we'd have to follow that with Star Wars for my hubs...who grew up wanting to be like Han Solo - I'm down with the rafish charm but he probably wasn't the best role model romantically speaking...seriously, he ruined a generation of boys with that scene from Empire Strikes Back where Han is about to be frozen...Leia: "I love you" Han: "I know"...
So Happy Father's Day and may the force be with you this weekend...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Everyday Obsessions {18} - Laura Leton, Cherrypatter

At least a few times a week I take a little mental trip to NYC courtesy of Cherrypatter...Laura covers all the best little places to eat and drink in the Big Apple and is now my go to for all future trips! The last time I was in town she was kind enough to send me a complete list of recommendations that were so spot on ...and as you can see below so are her Everyday Obsessions...any girl who loves pink shoes, colorful bedding and Friday Night Lights is tops in my check em out and then take a little trip over to her blog for some NYC daydreams...Thanks Laura!!

In My Closet:
tee  Sad to say I tend to rely on the Gap. A little boring but I just use them up one summer, and move to the next. I have a few other little ones that I often pick up at Goldy + Mac which is one of my favorite, easy shops in the hood.

jeans  Built by Wendy are my favorites right now.
on my feet -  Am loving my Loeffler Randall sandals, and I just got a pair of hot pink open toe pumps from Tenoversix from Bird.  Super cute and surprisingly comfy.
accessory  I am a little purse obsessed with Rafe a long time favorite (they have the best sample sales), and I’ve also been carrying around a lightweight beauty from MZ Wallace.
jewelry - I was a huge fan of Boucher which sadly no longer exists as a cute quaint shop in the meatpacking district though I understand the designer is doing some custom orders.  More recently, I’ve gotten a gorgeous super long delicate chain of baubles from Layla.  My everyday wear includes two Elsa Peretti classic Diamond by the Yards necklaces (single diamond each) given to me by my parents, my wedding ring by Cathleen Bunt, and my grandmother’s engagement diamond that I had made into a super modern ring with a broad platinum band at Karen Karch.

Beauty Secrets:
 My mother has the most fantastic skin, and if I had only listened to her growing up I would not have sat out in the sun for hours.  Nevertheless I am now trying to make up for my many sins with Shiseido creams that she relies on (I use the Benefiance Nutriperfect eye creams and day and night creams (I can get it from Amazon, and it’s not too crazy) and I also really love Yonka cleansing lotion that I was introduced to at Bliss Spa but fortunately can now get it locally for about 2/3s the price.  And lastly, I don’t go anywhere without sunscreen.  My go-to-kind is incredibly light and effective – Anthelios XL Fluid Extreme by La Roche-Posay.  If you can get someone to bring it to you directly from France it is well worth it (about $20 to $30 less a bottle).

makeup  I’m a little boring in this department. Mostly just blush (I’ve been using a rub-on cream from Clinique) and then a lip pencil from Mac. And I also often use a base from Mac as well that is pretty light and provides good coverage.
scent  I have never been a scent girl.  Too many allergies unfortunately.

In My Kitchen:
 When I have time, I love the Sunday Suppers at Lucques cookbook but her recipes can be daunting.   For everyday, I often use Mark Bittman How to Cook EverythingSmitten Kitchen (she is the best), Amanda Hesser’s Cooking for Mr. Latte and her new site Food52 and I also have a notebook full of clippings from Gourmet.  For parties, it’s Ina Garten all the way. Her recipes are full-proof and usually super easy. 

gadget  My rice cooker and cherry pitter. image C et V
30 min easy recipe  Couldn’t pick just one. A toss up between this everyday obsession and this super easy supper.
can't live w/o ingredient  Ginger.


walls  We collect our art very very slowly so each piece means something to us and this also means we still have a bare living room wall.  We have a huge painting of a cow by Utah artist Susannah Kirby that my mother gave us, a collage by my mother’s friend Kate Nelson and a large colorful painting by Myungchin Chung that my grandfather had in his home in Dayton, Ohio.  We also recently purchased three super cute map cutout prints by Famille Summerbelle
bedding  We like color.  If only I could afford it, I would do our entire bedding in Layla or John Robshaw.
flowers  I love ranunculus in all shapes and sizes.
favorite design source  This is so eclectic. I read Dwell. I loved the room designs in Cookie and House & Garden was great. And of course I read all sorts of blogs. 

Pop Culture Extra Credit:

on my nightstand  Rocket Men, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, The Good Soldiers and Between Parent and Child (in the hopes that I will understand my nearly 7-year old girl!). 
on my tivo  Friday Night Lights, Lost (still in Season 5) and the Good Wife
in my ipod  I know it should be music, but these days I tend toward political podcasts. Favorties include It’s All Politics by NPR, Slate Political Podcast and The Political Scene by the New Yorker.