Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

image via Martha Stewart

Somewhere in my early twenties I had a bit of a falling out with Halloween - perhaps it was my prudish desire to not spend a night surrounded by slutty witches, slutty nurses, slutty cats, slutty pumpkins?!, etc...and I'm just far too lazy to get excited about an elaborate costume (my go to - Beatnik Girl - black cigarette pants, black turtleneck, beret, ballet flats, long cigarette holder, and a copy of Howl or On The Road) - but becoming a parent has nice way of making holidays magical again...looking forward to a weekend of pumpkin carving, spooky cookies, good old-fashioned trick or treating...

and whipping up a batch of this Potato Soup that Michelle at Studio Surface posted for the Recipe Exchange today...Delicious!!

Here's the weekly Recipe wrap up:
Oct 25th - Tina - Bull In A China Shop
Oct 26th - Kim - Lighter and Local
Oct 27th - Elaine- Mama Seasonings
Oct 28th - Jess - Shades of Sunshine
Oct 29th - Michelle - Studio Surface, The Blog 

So what are your weekend plans? Any fun Halloween traditions at your house?
xoxo, M 

ps - Did anyone watch the Project Runway season finale last night?? I'll just say that I was Team Gretchen from the first episode and loved her collection last night...I know she had a lot of haters but she was the only designer who made clothes that I actually would buy and wear - that has to count for something!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gwyneth and Me...

Is it just me or do you love seeing celebrities au naturel? I could totally hang with Gwyneth on a day like this...and make fresh ricotta with Ina...with scraggly (in a good way) hair...
xoxo, M

ps - just did my civic duty and VOTED today (since we'll be on vacation next Tuesday) - Have you marked it on your calendars???

John Robshaw in Connecticut...

Did you happen to catch John Robshaw's Connecticut abode in the new Lonny?
 I love seeing how he mixes his own textiles with all his amazing finds from his travels...

okay - enough blatant store promotion - now you can hop over to Shades of Sunshine and see what Jess has planned for the Recipe Exchange...
xoxo, M
PS - Wah! It feels like winter here - I seriously wore these yesterday...make it go away - please?

pps - How did I totally forget that Friday Night Lights season premiere was last night? Oh Dillon, Tx (and Tim Riggins) I've missed you!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It's so very grey, cold, and wet today but there are still lots of orange, crimson, gold, and green leaves clinging to the maple and oak trees, like pretty girls refusing to give in completely to winter's dark tones...
I love how Anja, Stephanie, and Clemence have peppered their Fall ensembles with some beautiful shades of autumn...

and If they weren't all spoken for I'd have to snap up one of the CV poppy messengers at the shop (don't worry - more on the way!) to brighten up my day...hope you are staying warm & cozy in your neck of the woods...xoxo, M

ps - looking forward to seeing what Elaine at Mama Seasonings is cooking up for the Recipe Exchange

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Oops! I forgot to mention the fantastic 2 recipes Kimmy at Lighter & Local posted for the Recipe Exchange today in my earlier post...Corn, Leek, and Potato Soup & Corn, Leek & Potato Cakes...perfect for the absolutely miserable weather we are having today...

in other oops news...oops! I locked us out of the house this morning in 45 degrees & rain, no umbrella, with a 3 year old...seriously, Mommy brain is terrible ...luckily we have Hot Plate around the corner and chowed on lingonberry pancakes until we were rescued (by a very understanding husband)...

Going Back To Cali...

First, I want to thank everyone for all the fantastic vacation I have a fresh list to pique my wanderlust over the next few the end we decided we still wanted to go somewhere where the possibility of wearing sandals was high, was in the continental US, and had a bit of character so we settled on Palm Springs with a quick trip to the So Cal coast after...

I think it will be the perfect combo of outdoorsy for the Mr. (Joshua Tree) kid friendly (Living Desert Zoo), spas (Viceroy?) and shopping to keep me happy...Really, really wanted to stay at the Ace (someday I hope to make it to one of their Kimmel Kids events) but I think with a kiddo in tow it is so nice to have at least 2 rooms (otherwise you have to sit in dark and quiet after they go to bed) and super great to have your own kitchen so you don't have to eat out every single we rented a cool little house in The Movie Colony through VRBO...with a pool - yippee!!
Speaking of Palm Springs rentals - did you know you can rent Frank Sinatra's house - where he began his legendary romance with Ava Gardner? - apparently there is a chip in the countertop where he threw a bottle at her!

After PS I think we are headed to Venice Beach where I found tons of cute bungalows for rent...I lived in LA for a summer and have traveled there lots for visits & work but have never spent any time in Venice so So Cal girls & Angelenos...thoughts, recommendations?? The only thing on my agenda is sneaking away for a quick yoga class at Golden Bridge with Gurmukh
anyone headed somewhere exciting this fall??
Favorite So Cal Spots?
xoxo, M

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Fever

Maybe it's the plethora of pumpkins in my neighborhood (that the squirrels are quickly devouring), the pumpkin lasagna I devoured, or the tiny pumpkin in my belly but it's all got me swooning for this Dress...many of you asked for some maternity wear tips and I guess my main one would be to not shop for maternity (although I'm anticipating the one piece I'll have to buy are a pair of James Twiggy jeans)...instead, some flowy dresses and tunics layered with leggings that can still work in your wardrobe post-baby...and of course accessories, killer accessories...
My dream (baby bump or not) outfit of the moment...
So what are your favorite pregnancy style tips?
In Recipe Exchange news - my girl Tina is cooking up Spaghetti Squash Gratins & Apple Cider Donuts - yep donuts....looks like I'm going to be fitting more under that dress than just a baby...
xoxo, M

Friday, October 22, 2010

A bit of Keef for your Friday...

I spent lunch yesterday skimming the excerpts from Keith Richard's new memoir in the current issue of Rolling Stone...even though I'm more of a Beatles than Stones girl I have to say I'm mighty intrigued...oh the stories he must have to tell, eh?  True life is always stranger than fiction, especially in this case!
So ladies, what's on your reading list lately??

and more importantly, what are you cooking up?  Kate at Everything But The Squeal has us covered in today's Recipe Exchange and here's a quick recap of the week:
Oct 19th - Abby - 5th Joy
Oct 20th - stephanie - Scrumptious
Oct 21st - jennifer -
Oct 22nd - kate - 

Happy, Happy Friday! I'm playing a little hooky and going to see The Social Network with the Mr while L visits her cousins...yippee!! Any exciting plans in your neck of the woods?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Current Crushes...

How fantastic are Banquet's new kits?...I think L & I need to work on a mobile for the new baby...

Just in time for Halloween - this fantastic Clare Owen print - via the super, super fantastic Civetta

 okay, this is like a million crushes in one...I found out about Jeana Sohn through my uber crush Joslyn, fell madly for her closet visits (including Clare Vivier, & Kathryn Bentley of Dream Collective) and am equally smitten with her gorgeous artwork...
(umm yeah...that yellow CV clutch that Deb Kaplan has? just arrived in green at the shop and those DC bracelets and rings...working furiously to get them online...)

 Anne Hathaway in Vogue - wearing the Gigi dress!! and shot in Maxim's...
 (isn't she just the classiest and I love that she says "Gosh" and that she has the same name as Shakespeare's wife...speaking of I randomly watched Shakespeare in Love TWICE this month...isn't Joseph Fiennes so dreamy in it?)

This cutie shot by Garance wearing Doc Martens (paging about these for utilitarian and cool?)  I fondly remember mine...

and last but certainly not least, the ongoing Recipe Exchange...Jennifer at Whisk it Good is calling my name with Moroccan Butternut Squash Stew with couscous - this has so many of my favorite ingredients all in one dish!!!

What's catching your fancy lately??
xoxo, M
ps - Don't forget about the SALE - 25% off using OCTOBER at checkout...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You Asked: Long Necklaces & A SALE!

Last week a lovely reader asked for my necklace recommendations - specifically long and something that goes with everything - I tend to go bold and pretty funky with my jewelry but I can definitely appreciate a delicate piece as are a number that cover both bases...warning: the bottom three are definitely investment pieces...

For much more budget friendly with lots and lots of style I always head to The Vamoose...I personally have the Citrine drop and Turquoise piece...LOVE!

and I've been wearing this wooden Kayce Hughes necklace nonstop - I love that it looks cool with black and well pretty much everything....and ummm it's $30 - oh yeah, kind of a no brainer, huh?

Whenever I'm home for a visit, I always pick up a little something at Spartan

But luckily whenever I need a new piece I just have to run upstairs to my shop and grab something from Dream Collective or Laura Lombardi

Speaking of - I decided to have an impromptu SALE - this week only - take 25% off any purchase (over $100) now through Sunday at midnight - enter "OCTOBER" at checkout...xoxo, M

Now I'm off to visit Stephanie at Scrumptious for dinner AND dessert...Recipe Exchange heaven!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Have I mentioned that my daughter doesn't nap anymore (!!??argh!!) ?  and "quiet time" lasts for about 10 minutes before I hear "MOOOOOOmmmmeeeee!" So in my smidgen of alone time I'm directing you over to Abby at 5th Joy to check out this super delish Chicken & Cabbage Minestrone Soup (note to Barb, Ann, Anne, & Rose - I think this works with our new health kick, no?)...doesn't that picture just make you want to dive right in??
xoxo, M

ps - I'm totally living vicariously through Sarah's Paris posts...and the super sweetie sent me a copy of BE so I could have a frenchie mag a la Serena & Blair -  MERCI Beaucoup!!

pps - ummm MAD MEN season finale - wow, there were some doozies, eh? Did you know that most of the writers for the show are women? Super cool...

pps - saw Food Matters last night and am inspired to get juicing - any juicer recommendations??

Monday, October 18, 2010

You Asked: Singing in the Rain!

Good Morning!!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend - we hit a Fall Festival complete with a corn maze, pig races, a magic show, and hayrides - yeehaw!!  and while the weather has been absolutely gorgeous here it seems from my query last week that many of you are struggling with rainy day wardrobe options so I threw together a few cozy, chic, and dry looks last night...
Of course the ultimate in rain fabulousness is Catherine Deneuve in The Umbrellas of Cherbourg...most of the movie is a study in brights but I'm totally in love with her simple trench and black bow...
Clockwise: J Crew Black Elements Coat, Philip Lim Trench, See by Chloe Leopard Wellies, Aigle Wellies, Loeffler Randall Rain Boots, Merimekko Umbrella
Budget option: Old Navy 

 For more practical yet super slick gear I love, love a bubble umbrella, this Aubin & Wills Hooded cape, and these Tretorn furry lined boots

and my inner prep - who coveted a whale raincoat & duck boots circa '83 (actually still do) - would love any of these classic options...  
Clockwise from top left:
APC Parka, Fillipa K Parka, J Crew Waxed Canvas Hat, Bass Low Top Habby, LL Bean Signature Boot, Puddle Skipper Boot, No 6 Clog Boot, Merimekko Navy Umbrella
a little less spendy - Topshop's hooded cape or wax jacket

You can find many, many more ideas on my Pinterest Rainy Day Page and I'd love to hear from the true experts - Brits? Pacific Northwesterners? what are you braving the elements in?

Now I'm going to head over and visit Catherine at Rikshaw and see what she's cooking up for the Recipe Exchange - UPDATE: actually Catherine's site is under construction (looks beautiful btw!!) and she will post later when it is up and running...xoxo, M

Friday, October 15, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...

Next week I'm super excited to tackle your fashion conundrums (keep em coming!) but this week, dear readers, I need your see, for the past month we've been racking our brains trying to come up with a family vacation to take between now and the holidays...our first inclination is to go to Hawaii - it's kind of our magic place (as Joslyn calls them) and we have plenty of frequent flier miles so it wouldn't break the bank but the realization that it would be 12 hrs to get there with a 3 year old is kind of a major bummer...Miss L is an excellent and seasoned traveller - give her some new sticker books and she's as happy as a clam - but 12 HOURS just seems like an eternity! Thoughts??  So then we started looking at other tropical locals...and while we've been to Mexico many, many times and had a blast, the last time we were there was just when swine flu happened and everyone was wearing masks, Lila was sickly and it just left a bad taste in my mouth...not to mention all the crazy stuff going on right now...other suggestions?? the virgin islands never seem to have much character? and maybe I don't want to be so far away pregnant??  So back to the US - a city trip - I'm always happy to hit NYC, LA, Boston?  kid friendly though?  Palm Springs? Sante Fe? Portland? Sedona? Big Sur? Somewhere in Florida?  You can see the problem, no?? 
 So where do you love that I'm not thinking of?

Luckily I don't have to think up a dinner idea - Jora, of the fantastic Domestic Reflections, is up today on the Recipe Exchange (speaking of travel - she jetted off to Italy for a long trip with her 3 little ones - now that's inspiring!)
and here's a recap for the week:
Oct 11th - Danielle - domestic dish
Oct 12th - Chassity - Look Linger Love
Oct 13th - Rebecca - Reluctant Floridian
Oct 14th - Elisabeth - You Plus Me Equals
Oct 15th - Jora -- Domestic Reflections

Hope you all have an excellent Fall weekend...
xoxo, M

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting Graphic

Generally speaking, I'm usually a fan of color but lately I'm head over heels for black & white graphic fact, the minute I saw this Authentic Cardigan (via Mrs French) at Le Train Bleu I whipped out my cc and ordered away...(btw it always pays to check out a store's blog & facebook page - I stumbled across a 30% off discount code - 101010 - whohoo!!)  The Mara Hoffman one is pretty hot too...(as is absolutely everything over at Les Nouvelles)

The coolest raincoat ever?? (via Joy) Me thinks so...and Carey Mulligan looks stunning in this Vionnet with a bit of red, no?

 New Mudcloth pillows from John Robshaw - ethnic meets neutral...

And Navajo & Scandinavian blankets by Pendleton would be so, so cozy this winter...

also making me happy?? The 2 (count them!!) TWO new recipes for the Recipe Exchange over at You + Me* - Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas & Mexichocolatetofu Pudding - Oh, Miya & Elisabeth you know the key to my heart ;)  Did you know that Elisabeth is my fellow mommy-to-be? Congrats to her as well!!
xoxo, M

ps - Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your wonderful comments yesterday - they so made my week!!  It's wonderful to know that so many lovely, generous women read this little blog ;)

pps - ran into Anthropologie this morning for the first time in months - have they lost their mojo a bit??
Let's just say that my wallet stayed firmly in my CV mini-sac
ppps - can someone please start making cute but sporty gear for my 3 yr old? I just can't bite the REI bullet and load up on fleece & keens, can I?

pppps - speaking of discount codes - you can always find one for the shop at the top of the home page - right now it's "hello" for 20% off - yippee!