Monday, September 20, 2010

Part One - The Classics

 Saturday night I went to a super lovely shindig at the fantastic W's house (more on that later - taco truck and custom cocktails - heaven!) and fell into some funny conversations about fashion, style, what to wear, what to toss...on the way home, breeze in my hair, Band of Horses on the stereo, I threw together a few lists...the first - The Classics (okay my classics, totally not definitive, a little no brainer, and open to suggestion) - much like your Beatles CDs, which you would never sell off at Cheapos - the pieces that have staying power and were just as cool in 1960 as they are in 2010...

1) The trench (see, no brainer I said)...nuff said
runner up: the Peacoat 
APC Trench, Jackie via Neo-Trad

2) A Classic Buttondown - I prefer mine oversize & rumpled but tucked & pressed works equally well
other top choices: the stripe tee, grandpa cardigan

3) & 4) 501's & Converse = not trying too hard cool
alternatives - toms, bensimon, tretorns, and ballet flats

 5) red nails & red lips - Nars Gipsy is a favorite
and you can never go wrong with black eyeliner and rosy cheeks
images - J Crew, Glamour

6) Ray Ban Wayfarer - Audrey, Grace, Bob, Madonna, Warhol, Woody, the list goes on...
optical options- the cat eye, aviator, and oversize
So what are your classics? stay tuned for 6 picks for Fall tomorrow...


  1. I hesitate to share my main basics that stick every fall...because you are a fashion diva and I am a flop but: A perfect fitting long sleeve tee, a ponytail, Kiehl's musk, a nice knee high riding boot, scarves...scarves...scarves.
    Please tell me I don't sound too outdated!

  2. I also am partial to the skinny but not too skinny black pant and the long black cardigan. I an not sure if they are classic or boring...

    I love yours, and that picture of The Beatles. George is so dreamy.

  3. my burberry trench, a SA plaid shirt, new Madewell trouser jeans, and mocs. that's pretty much it for me!

  4. After seeing your post it made me wish I never sold my Burberry trench. My classics consist of 70's style jeans MiH are my favorite, ballet flats (Repetto), clogs, Tucker blouses, stripe shirts (i am weening myself off from wearing them too often) Epice scarves, thin grey t-shirts, and my chunky Mayle cardigans.

  5. Ok. Totally agree with your list. Although, I have not pulled off red lipstick since I was 17 and headed to a high school formal. And even then, it's really up for discussion as to whether or not I "pulled that off". Anywho, I'm just a little jealous of your night out. Sounds pretty fab.

  6. Your classics also seem to be my classics. This round up has me even more excited for Fall. Can't wait to see more of your picks.

  7. Yes, yes, yes. That might be the best thing about growing up--you know what looks good on you and your wardrobe starts to look like you instead of like you're trying on identities. There are far fewer moments where you see photos of yourself from a year or two ago and just cringe.

  8. Hi, nice to see / meet you at W's party. Although my days are spent with interiors, I find myself spending my evenings on the sartorialist, garance dore and thinking about clothes. How horribly shallow, I know...but it is fall and that time of year that I think "school shopping" even though I haven't been in school forever. My daughter is in college - does that count? So, here's my classic.... I just bought a couple of Equipment shirts - 2 silk ones in dusty blue and old green. And if I like them, I'm adding one in navy silk satin. they are like a man's shirt from the 1940's - and I used to wear them in the '70's (or the same style.) I"m so sick of my J crew long sleeved t-shirt as the staple of my wardrobe, I am excited to have this as a new shape. And...hey a loose shirt will hide everything and has a great neckline! (From Nordstrom's and Bergdorf's) Thanks for this fun post - dreaming of some leather pants. I'm feeling '70's.

  9. Mine are APC jeans, boy blazer, stripe long-sleeve tee, chelsea boots, shoulder-button fisherman's sweater, small scarf. I wear variations on them just about every day whatever the season. Coincidentally I'm just about to post drawings of five modern Parisian classics - things I see girls wearing every day in Paris - and I don't mean trench coats and berets...


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