Friday, October 1, 2010

New Collections, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah

Just got in the Fleabags Fall 2010 collection and it's soooo amazing in person - that lipstick bag might have to make it's way over to my closet...perfect size and the color is making me happy!

Speaking of handbags I just can't seem to keep Clare Vivier in stock...Elle ran a great piece on the bags and I love this peek into her closet as well!

and have you checked out the new John Robshaw bedding for fall - I'm adding it to the shop slowly but surely so if there's something you're looking for but don't see drop me a line and I can order it up for you!
also, Ace & Jig has been restocked, new Stewart + Brown is on it's way, and Anda & Masha hats are flying out the door!
xoxo, M

PS - the recipe exchange starts Monday - yeah! - if you haven't signed up click here...

PPS - Okay, I don't neeeed it but can I pretty, pretty please have this camel leather skirt??

PPPS - Did you hear that Brad & Rachel split...Bananas!!

PPPPS - Happy Weekend!! Wanna do something nice for yourself - hit a RESTORATIVE yoga class - LOVE...


  1. i love that camel skirt from jcrew! pockets! yes, please. =)

  2. ohmygosh... loving the Claire Vivier tote..

  3. Rachel and Brad split? Oy!
    Have a fab weekend!

  4. Clare Vivier's closet is amazing! I can't decide which bag to get they are all lovely!

  5. okay I want one of those bags!!!!!!!!!!!

    have a great weekend... pretty lady.

  6. yesss! i'm depressed that brad is leaving the zoe project!
    he's my fave =(
    does John Robshaw also sell the bed frames?? those are amazing!!

  7. oh the brad rachel split makes me sad...


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