Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just when I thought I was out...they pulled me back in!

Really, I thought I was over J Crew...could I possibly have room for another long tank with distressed ruffles (even though Jenna Lyons seems to have my favorite shades of peachy pink on permenent collection)...another just the right length grandpa cardigan - nah...and the catalog - seriously, I could style this in my sleep - let's see, take 1 silk ruffly tank, add perfectly scrunched buttondown, an embellished cardi, cropped cargos, a jumble of statement jewelry and some metallic heels - voila, done! But then I saw this and it was all melted my heart J Crew...
I know, you're saying, but Michelle, it's just an anorak...well yes....but with this glorious ruflle collar that perfectly frames your face...believe me, it's very charming on...
Did I stop there?  Of course not!  I picked up the new catalog and spied Dianna Lunt (who I been obsessed with since I spied her on The Sartorialist) wearing the perfect wearable version of those slouchy pants I was dreaming over a few posts back...

le sigh...


  1. Michelle - how could one ever possibly "be over" J Crew? Glad to see you back in the fold!

  2. I tried on that jacket the other day and LOVED it. I only resisted because there was an anorak on the sale rack that I loved. We'll see how long I can resist. You're right about the collar - perfect!

  3. you make me laugh... funny... there is always something that I could 'use' in the catalogue but the fit is never right for me. Which is totally odd because I am who they should try to fit. Not big not little just normal... you know a 4/6 medium.
    PS. I need that jacket.

  4. i know ... i know! I ordered the pants last week and I am waiting for their arrival and I drooled over the jacket in pink on Monday. You have tempted me once again.


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