Monday, March 22, 2010

Bring on Summer!

What a strange feeling to leave a snow dusted Dallas and land in a snow free Minnesota...After the little hint of warm temps that Austin brought I'm ready to get out in the garden and sweat...I love the heat (even the 100 plus scorchers) and long for a sort of Tex-zen backyard but I'll settle for some tulips and lilacs :)
Here are some of my favorite outdoor inspirations and I think this CB2 Chair needs to find a home on my back porch...
images of the Thunderbird, Marfa; Big Red Sun; and the Hotel San Jose...
(on a side note - I'm super excited to discover that Bunkhouse MGMT of San Jose, el Cosimico fame is renovating the hotel where I got married - The Havana - in San Antonio...I think an anniversary trip is in order!)

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