Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Everyday Obsessions {10} - Vanessa Jackman, Photographer

vanessa jackman
In my humble opinion, street style photography is completely changing the face of fashion and providing inspiration for wardrobes everywhere.  My absolute favorite is Australian photog Vanessa Jackman - her eye for those girls who hit the right note of eclectic & stylish while making it look effortless is always dead of course I wanted to know more about the girl behind the camera and her Everyday Obsessions...she has a lovely blog showcasing her gorgeous shots and is full of her warm and witty writing so head on over! 
vanessa clothing
In My Closet:
tee - I do like a good navy/black or red and white striped tee for Spring/Summer. They make me feel rather nautical despite the fact I live nowhere near the beach! I quite like this one by Carin Wester from Urban Outfitters  It looks really comfy: perfect for when I am out and about with my camera.
jeans - My current jeans are Earnest Sewn but I am intrigued by these SkinnyJeans. Do I want thigh-slimming, stomach-flattening, buttocks-shaping, legs-lengthening jeans? Why yes I do! If anyone has tried them, please let me know if they are worth investing in!
on my feet - Converse all the way. I have a yellow pair (ox low double tongue) at the moment but they are super dirty so I am trying to decide which colour I will buy next. Maybe these fluro pink and blue ones? . They are super comfy and great for running about town (and they don't require the "breaking in" that every other pair of shoes I buy seems to need).
accessory - My Chanel glasses so I can see things properly! Without them (or my contacts) I am lost- I can't see past a metre or so (not good for a photographer).
jewelry - My wedding ring
Beauty Secrets:
Skin - I have just started using Vaishaly products and they are exceptional (they smell beautiful as well- most important!)
makeup - Becca cosmetics
scent - I have lots of perfumes and each one reminds me of a period or event in my life. I like to buy a new perfume if we are visiting somewhere for the first time- that way when I put it on, it will conjure up beautiful memories of my trip. For winter I likeTom Ford 'Black Orchid' or Thierry Mugler 'Alien', for summer Prescriptives 'Calyx', Viktor & Rolf 'Flowerbomb' or Annick Goutal 'Mandragore'. I really want Byredo 'Pulp' perfume.....and, conveniently my birthday is coming up!

The Selby Is in Your Place

walls - Vintage posters that my husband and I have collected on our travels. One recent addition is a "Manhattan" poster by the artist Jim Datz from the very cool online shop ThreePotatoFour. We haven't yet got it framed: on my (very long) to-do list.
bedding - White duvet cover from Primark in the UK. Inside is a wonderful Australian wool doona (duvet).
flowers - Peonies are my favourite flower but I will settle for anything pretty.
favorite design source - Elle Decoration UK and The Selby (love his photographs).

bills foodTender: v. 1: A Cook and His Vegetable Patch

In My Kitchen:
cookbook - I am obsessed with collecting cookbooks, such that my husband has declared a moratorium on any further purchases. We have no more room for them in our tiny apartment! Plus, I tend to read them like novels rather than cook from them which is slightly weird. My favourite at the moment would be Nigel Slater "Tender" - he is such a gifted food writer and cook. I would recommend every one of his cookbooks (I own most of them!) to anyone interested in good, wholesome, home cooked food. I also really like Bill Granger's cookbooks (and he really does make the BEST scrambled eggs in Australia! You must go to Bills in Sydney if you visit Australia :))
gadget - Nespresso Citiz espresso machine. Perfect for early morning coffee cravings. We got this at Christmas as my only attempt in using our "proper" espresso machine resulted in hot coffee in my friend's eye as well as all over the floor and the wall (eek!). So my husband makes the coffee on the weekends and I make my coffee during the week in the Nespresso.
15 min easy recipe - I am yet to find a recipe (other than an omelette or scrambled eggs) that actually takes me only 15 mins. Every recipe which specifies that it will only take a certain amount of time always manages to take me at least twice as long.
can't live w/o ingredient - garlic. I can't get enough!

God of Small Things

Pop Culture Extra Credit:
on my nightstand -
The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. Incredibly beautiful and indescribably moving.
on my tivo - Um, I don't even know what that is?! I am completely useless with technology.
in my ipod - Lots of embarrassing 1980's and 1990's music to get me through my morning stagger around the park!

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  1. I also love street photography. It's so much cooler to see what people are really wearing. Love the striped tee. I just bought one myself! And I have these incredible posters from the 70's from Spain. I really need to do something with them. If I told you how much vintage furniture and art I had stuffed in a closet or storage space somewhere it would be shameful. I just really have no idea what to do with them....


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