Friday, March 26, 2010

Inspired by...Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola has long been my personal style icon...who doesn't love a girl who interned with Chanel at 15, collaborated on a clothing line with Kim Gordon, directed some of my all time favorite movies, has a sparkling wine named after her, wears flats to film premieres, designs handbags for Louis Vuitton and is expecting her second baby with Phoenix front man Thomas Mars...

ma shepherdess
I've recently been reading Love and Louis XIV by Antonia Fraser who also wrote the excellent Marie Antionette so I'm jonesing to rewatch Sofia's film version which I loved...I especially adored the scenes when Marie was in her shepherdess phase and have been searching for a romantic gauzy white dress ever since...wouldn't this one from Loup Charmant be perfect?
(on a side note, one of my favorite artists Maia Chavez Larkin designed paper dolls inspired by Loup Charmant's spring collection - LOVE!)
Doesn't drinking Champagne out of coupes seem so decadent? a little bubbly goes with anything in my book!

and who didn't want a pair of those see-through undies after watching Lost in Translation?  I lived in Japan as a kid and I think she perfectly captured the weird disconnect of being in a foreign country for an extended period of time.... 

I hear Sofia's working on a movie set in my favorite hotel the Chateau Marmont and is being considered for Twilight's Breaking Dawn movie...wouldn't that be dreamy?  I'm so team Edward but those movies have been just dreadful!
So, who's your style icon?


  1. I am totally in love with Sophia as well. What a great post. Lost in Translation has got to be my favorite all time movies.

    hmmmm style icon. classic - Jackie O, funky fun/ girl crush - Zooey Deschanel

  2. I'm with you. Sofia does everything with the most dead-on style. Can't think of anyone better as a style icon.

    I also adore Jane Birkin and her offspring. Charlotte's my girl. I love how she just doesn't care.

  3. Oh, man! I almost missed that you mentioned my paperdolls in here. Thank you! I love Loup Charmant...her clothing is the epitome of ethereal.

  4. F & F - Jackie O - The Best!! and love Zooey D....

    Wanderer's Daughter - yes, Jane, Charlotte and Lou are divine!! and so is your work :)

  5. Did you see the edition of French Vogue she guest-edited a few years ago? Here for anyone who didn't. <3!!!

  6. Rebecca - how did I miss that!! Thanks for the link!!

  7. Thanks for including Loup Charmant in your lovely blog!
    If you would like some summer goodies, we would love to offer you our friends & family discount at any time.

    Happy Summer,


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