Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Mom - I'm a Big Girl Now...

Friday night we had a very informal "Big Girl" party for Miss L...I'd love to show you a beautiful tablescape a la Martha S and a gorgeous decorated cake...but, unfortunately, I don't roll like that...sometimes ordering pizzas and letting your little one dump copious amounts of sprinkles on homemade cupcakes is far more satisfying and much less stressful...(but if you'd like to drool over some delectable & stylish feasts check out the sumptous Sunday Suppers - swoon!)

So, you're wondering "what's a Big Girl party?" well, here's where I somewhat embarrasingly confess that up until Friday I was still nursing Miss L, yes, and she's 2 1/2 now...I never in a million years imagined that I would be breastfeeding quite this long but underneath my fashionista front beats the heart of a laissez faire hippie mom - I really wanted it to be her decision to be done...but, my hubby was getting a little annoyed and I had tried the slow wean, etc, nothing was deterring this kid from her "mommy milk"... so to soften the blow we dreamed up a party...a graduation if you Big Girlhood...a place where you are too old for nursing...

she scored an awesome new easel that she's been loving and wore her favorite dress...

So far, so good...she's a little sad, I'm a little sad but we'll survive...
What are your parenting challenges these days?

on a side note - I love India Tree's sanding sugars and they have a line that uses natural colorants...L wore a Pink Chicken dress I splurged on last year - now it's a tunic and next year a shirt, so money well spent ;) Here are some similar ones at Little Bean...I think they make a cute alternative to an Easter dress and you can wear them well beyond fancy occasions



  1. Good morning!
    I can't see most of the pictures for some reason. Just writing so say that I keep thinking we have so much in common! (Well, except for you incredible style and fashion sense and my blubbering inability to dress myself properly). I nursed my son until he was almost 15 months. I would have gone longer actually, but he was finished. He wanted a cup. I cried. 2 1/2 years is something to be proud of! Yay for Pretty Mommy!
    Having a party for this is an awesome idea. And funny that my post today was about breastfeeding!

  2. Go you for extended nursing. I love the party idea as a soft transition!

  3. I think a big girl party is GENIUS...

    the end of nursing is sad ;-(

  4. aw, congrats to lila! she looks like such a big girl... & i think it is awesome you went 2 1/2 years, that is fantastic. im still hoping to make it 6 months!

  5. Thanks for the kind words girls...all going splendidly :)

  6. I just came over here from Simple Lovely and I love this post. I'm so glad you listened to your gut and nursed your girl until it was good for you both to stop. I made it to about 20 months each time and we have no regrets.

  7. Hooray for extended nursing! (I came over from Simply Lovely too)and will bookmark your site -- I'm also a trend conscious but hippie minded momma (nursed my first child 2.5 years and my second is going on 14 months)

    What a big, big Girl! Hooray for both of you for the transition.

  8. Maybe we're starting a new trend with extended nursing :) so nice to hear from other moms on the subject!!


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