Friday, March 12, 2010

I heart Fashion...

Why do I love fashion?? Because you can be all these girls within the space of a week (you know, with a killer wardrobe and impeccable styling) can never do that with interiors...(which is why I will never have a flair for home decorating...too many choices and only one little house)

Top 4 photos - Vanessa Jackman (have you seen her AMAZING blog...found via Arrow + Arrow)
Bottom 4 from left - The Sartorialist, Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes, The Sartorialist, and Garance Dore

Happy Weekend...hopefully by my next post I will have the sun in my face, a belly full of texmex and a pair of sandals on my to Austin...xoxo Michelle


  1. Just stumbled upon your lovely blog! super awesome*

  2. You have officially become my virtual stylist. Just so you know. I thought of you yesterday when I was shopping and I tried on these amazing Chie Mihara shoes. I wondered...what would Pretty Mommy say? I was "this close" to going for it when I figured that my excuse that you might approve would not go over so well with Hubby and the 400 dollar price tag. LOL!

  3. Thanks girls!!
    SmartBear - my husband would never go for $400 shoes either :) I've done my days of $$$ and these days I try to cap it at about $250 for anything ( I Know that's still ridiculous! right?)

  4. Hi Pretty Mommy

    I just came over to your blog via Frolic! I love it!!! I will be coming back for sure. You have fabulous taste.

    My blog is all Portland street style. Check it out:



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