Tuesday, March 2, 2010

He's my Rock 'n' Roll

Can you indulge me and let me brag about my husband for a sec?  Chris is a music writer for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and aside from being a supremely talented at his job he also happens to be an excellent mix tape maker...I was lucky enough to receive a number of these in our early courtship (although the last one was for our wedding 8 yrs ago) and he finally got to put his skills to use in a larger arena last Friday when he played DJ at a benefit for The Electric Fetus at First Avenue...yes, that First Avenue for you fellow Purple Rain fanatics...
Here's a copy of his playlist, I highly recommend a download if you're looking to expand your knowledge of the MPLS scene...or just impress the boy in your life...

Koerner, Ray & Glover, "Hangman;"
Husker Du, "All This I've Done For You;"
Atmosphere, "Bam;"
Muja Messiah, "Paper Planes (LTB mix);"
Dessa, "Dixon's Girl;"
Red Pens, "Baby Alligator;"
Iffy, "Double Dutch;"
Slim Dunlap, "Not Yet/Ain't No Fair...;"
Bad Plus & Wendy Lewis, "Barracuda;" ...
Retribution Gospel, "Workin' Hard;"
Lifter Puller, "Plymouth Rock;"
Soul Asylum, "Freaks"


  1. oh how fun!!! good for him and great playlist!!!

  2. That's a smokin hot job! And now I have a play list to download. You know how I love me some play lists, right? :)

  3. i love slim dunlap! my college house-mates and i used to go see him at the turf club all the time and dance and dance. they have a great slippery floor, so fun!!!


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