Monday, March 1, 2010

Je m'appelle Michelle Bardot...well, sort of...

So, I went to get my hair did on Saturday - yeah, dark hair & grays be gone!! I love going because my hairdresser, who I adore, always humors me by styling my hair into some sort of fashion time we tackled the Dolce & Gabbana rakes and butterfly collection from the mid 90's (remember that - gorgeous), next time he swears he's teaching me how to fishtail braid...and Saturday he indulged my fondness for teasing and french movie stars and gave me a messy Bardot inspired do...we took some dorky "tutorial" pics and I thought I'd share his tips...
side note: I don't normally post my picture on the blog because, well I consider that the domain of 20 something, skinny, tall girls and I definitely don't belong in any of these catagories...But hopefully I cropped these enough you get the idea and spare myself the embarrasment...

Step 1:  The Blowout
Jon uses tons of big brushes and leaves them in while it's drying...he recommends using large velcro rollers if you don't have these on hand...

Step 2: The Tease & Spray
Don't be afraid to go huge...Use a fine tooth comb and start at the mid back of you head...tease into a rat's nest and don't spare the hairspray

Step 3:  Smooth and Twist
After all the teasing is done use a brush to smooth it down a bit, then twist it to the side and secure with numerous bobby pins...It's nice to throw in some really big ones...I like that Jon always keeps it messy - keeps it modern
Et Volia...add some sunglasses and walk out the house with a certain je ne sais quoi...


  1. Oh it is SO cute!! I love that look!

  2. Love the hair and the glasses! Who makes them? Oh yes and your blog is lovely too! I have never left a comment on a blog... I just used anonymous!


  3. LOVELY! Or should I say "tres chic"! I wondered why I rarely see pics of you...20 somethings be look awesome!

  4. Thanks so much girls!! I felt very fancy that day :)
    Jennifer - the sunglasses are cheap rayban wayfarer knock offs from Target
    Smart Bear - you're too kind!! perhaps I should have said "girls who have more than 6 hrs of sleep, are vaguely photogenic and get ready in a toddler free environment"

  5. congrats on getting back to a hair color you like :) . i wish my hair could do that cool little side sweep, big, chic look.

  6. Oh Sweet M--You look just stunning!!! Thanks for the great post. Miss you. Love, Mason's mommy.

  7. Love your new hair color, its making me want to lighten up. Maybe I should head up for a visit and go see your guy :)

  8. you look ADORABLE!!!! love this!!!


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