Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That's Brilliant!!

Three excellent ideas I've heard lately....

My friend Badaude is tired of only wearing 20% of her wardrobe...so she's not buying anything for the next month and attempting to wear everything she already owns...the best part - she's posting a sketch of her outfit every day (see above)

By now, you're probably familiar with CSAs (community supported agriculture) where you buy a farm share and receive gorgeous boxes of vegetables throughout the growing season (I highly recommend!!)  Well, how about a CSA for art...interested local arts collectors can sign up for a share and pick up 3 "farm boxes" throughout the summer full of Minneapolis finest emerging talents...how cool is that?? For more info check out mnartists.org (via the excellent & multi talented Julie K)

and finally these cool building disks from the amazing and inspiring made by Joel...(presumably) easy for you to make and hours of fun for the kiddies...

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  1. oh I want to CSA. what a wonderful idea + your friend is inspiring me to draw.


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