Thursday, March 18, 2010

But this one was just right...

I kind of forgot to bring a medium size tote with me on vacay...Zoiks! So, I've been running around Austin with a toddler in one arm, keys stuffed in my pockets, and a credit card in hand...(notice, no mention of snacks, wipes, coloring books, or diapers - bad mom!)  Wish I had one of these from Forestbound...(PS Cup Of Jo is giving one away today)


  1. I saw this on Cup of Jo and instantly had to have one. I love them. And I've done the credit cards and keys thing several times...
    Hope Austin is loving you and you are loving Austin.

  2. You have to stop placing so many fantastic items that I love on your blog! Just purchased (thanks to a good glass of vino) that amazing gray Forestbound bag for myself...and of course had my sons in mind with needing a bag to hold diapers and such for this summer. I am beyond thrilled!! Thanks for the wonderful lead M. xoxo, Wendy


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