Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monday Mom - Turning a Frown Upside down

Since this blog has become pretty heavy on the fashion end of things I had every intention of starting a new "mom" feature this week.  However, I've had such a crap parenting day that it seems like the worst time to be musing on my life as a stay at home mommy. Lila was trying her best to personify two today and after giving up on getting her to nap today I knew I had to pull out the big guns to prevent the both of us from having a breakdown. What creative and noble mom trick did I pull out of my hat??
 Why shopping and chocolate of course...(Yes, crap parenting, I said). Miss L scored some red sneakers and I treated myself to this little Stewart + Brown number which I know I will wear into the ground...(Available in Mpls at intoto) or here...then we headed to the best ice cream shop in the city.

Pumphouse Creamery uses organic and local ingredients and is unbelievably good...Straight chocolate for Lila and Vanilla with Homemade Snickers Bars pour moi...So, what are your latest Mommy frustrations? Tune in next Monday for a little discussion on that most evil of all parenting crutches - the TV...mommy guilt at it's peak! Now, back to our regularly scheduled fluffy programming...Xoxo M


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  2. You are fabulous! At least you treated yourself and had chocolate!

  3. i'm super jealous of your day (minus the mom guilt of course). my mom guilt is over seeing the little one for less than 30 minutes yesterday. boo. i'm sure if i'd stayed home with her all day, i would have been bored or frustrated after a few hours. stupid paradox.


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