Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekend Rental - Vertigo

I'm headed to San Francisco for the weekend to visit my oldest friend Lara and check in on my little's supposed to be moody and grey just like one of my favorite movies - Vertigo...I'm a huge Hitchcock devotee and think this is one of his best...the style is totally iconic (as usual) and the San Fran backdrop is perfect companion to the obsessive could have a Hitchcock marathon and add in 3 of my other faves - Rear Window, To Catch a Thief, and North by Northwest - but you probably have, like, kids to take care of and stuff...xoxo


  1. Vertigo is really Hitchcock at his best. My favorite is Rear Window - Grace Kelly is so stunning, and I love when she pulls her weekend wardrobe out of her little bag. So stylish and chic.

  2. I read somewhere that Hitchcock thought the wardrobe was as important as the actors...Genius!

  3. Turner Classic Movies recently showed a bunch of Hitchcock films. I got to see Marni from beginning to end for the FIRST time in my life. Plus I saw one that I had never heard of called Shadow of a Doubt. My BF and I watched Rear Window together and I still scream when Grace Kelly has to climb out of the window to get away from Raymond Burr! Have a great w/e!!!!


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