Friday, February 19, 2010

Miss K's Picks...

Just checking in with my friend Miss K - a tall, gorgeous, redheaded Texan with amazing taste who lives in NYC and has worked for some of my favorite are her current must haves...Happy Weekend!  xoxo Michelle

Melissa Joy Manning jewelry-she did all my wedding rings and I wear all her stuff all the time

Citizens of Humanity Super Stretch Avedon Denim Leggings -you can eat and eat and not get a muffin top!They are the best thing ever invented!

Virginia Johnson scarves--I literally have i think about 10 of them--all different fun characters and shapes. I have camels, elephants, ducks, birds, etc.

Current Elliott--skinny holey jeans and the bell bottom holey jeans--fit great

Frye short carson boots--have 2 colors..LOVE!

Also, this is really weird but Dr. Pepper chapstick.  I have always worn it because I used to LOVE dr. pepper when I lived in Texas (they don't have dr. pepper up here) but my mom sends me regular packges full of this chapstick.  Apparently all the big makeup artists use it too? Who would have guessed..It smells good and it gives your lips a little tint.

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  1. OMG! I totally love those Frye boots! I have large calves and have never found a pair of cowboy boots I am comfortable in. I think these could be the ones!


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