Thursday, February 18, 2010


It's actually pretty gorgeous here in MPLS today (which means 32 and sunny!) so I'm a little less sad that we're not taking a beachy vacation this month...We usually hit Mexico but after a couple of bouts of stomach viruses, run-in with the popo, and our height of swine flu visit last year we decided to take a break...However, If money was no object I'd be on a plane to the Four Seasons Hualalai...we've traveled all over the world but our most magical vacations have been to Hawaii...every island has so much beauty - the lush tropical forests of Kauai, the bleak but beautiful lava flows on the Big Island, the insanely stunning road to Hana on Maui, the laid back surfer vibe on the North Shore of Oahu...sigh! I would love to run away there, sell pineapples & banana bread on the side of the road and wear nothing but sarongs and flipflops...
Where are your favorite warm weather spots?
Since this is a fantasy vacance I'd take along this Zero Maria Cornejo Dress I was dying over at Barneys last week:

and the whole Suno s/s Collection

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  1. That dress is soooo pretty! And the black "y" shape is very flattering.


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