Tuesday, February 16, 2010

California Dreamin'

I was lucky enough to get to take a solo trip out to San Fran a week ago and now I'm jonesing to go back and check out Serena Mitnik-Miller's new General Store...I'm in love with her artwork and want to plaster my walls with her gorgeous watercolors and beach photos...(via poppytalk)

So fun to hang with my oldest friend Lara, indulge in a boozy night out at La Trappe, enjoy the gorgeous sunshine while having brunch at Greens, walk the Marina and zip around town...Here we are stopping in North Beach for a midnight (?!) cappuccino after 4 am wakeup, champagne flights, belgian beers, mussels, fries, soaking up the vibes, and buying some books (Kerouac of course) at City Lights...(Lara left et moi on the right)

Hmmm...looking a little sloshy but no worse than at the end of a day running after a 2 yr old...I feel compelled to mention that we became friends in the 6th grade when I moved to Arlington, TX in the middle of the year and sat next to her in music class...I was awestruck as she pulled out a tube of mascara and expertly applied many coats of electric blue maybelline...ah! The 80's!

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  1. Ah, what fun we had! We should have raised our glasses of champagne (or beer or wine) to electric blue mascara :)


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