Monday, February 8, 2010

Everyday Obsessions {2} - Chelsea Fuss, Frolic

Today's Everyday Obsessions comes courtesy of Chelsea Fuss of Frolic fame...always one of my favorite reads, she's now teamed up with her sister to bring delicious comfort food recipes into the mix! Check it out... 

In My Closet:
tee - Classic Cut from American Apparel
jeans - thrifted Paper Denim + Cloth
on my feet - Desert boots by Hush Puppies
accessory - J.Crew wool Scarf
jewelry - Locket given to me on my high school graduation day

In My Kitchen:
cookbook - Donna Hay + Jamie Oliver
15 min easy recipe - Walk to Thai Orchid and pick up a to go order of pad thai + salad rolls
can't live w/o ingredient - Fresh grated salt + pepper

walls - artwork by jamie shelman
flowers - hyacinths
favorite design source -

Beauty Secrets:
Skin - Aveda moisturizer
makeup - Mascara from the grocery store + lip gloss from Burt's Bees

Pop Culture Extra Credit:
on my nightstand - The Secret Life of Plants
on my tivo - Glee (no tivo. reruns from last season on my laptop)
in my ipod - Girls

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