Thursday, February 11, 2010

Everyday Obsessions {3} - Joslyn Taylor, Simple Lovely & Raising Foodies

I have a lot of blogs I love in my reader but I get extra excited when one of Joslyn's posts pops up...always the perfect combo of impeccable taste, warmth and humor...if you haven't already, head over to Simple Lovely & Raising Foodies after checking out her Everyday Obsessions below!  I signed up to join her spending hiatus for the next two months but after this second recommendation for Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer I was out the door to Nordstrom's in a flash...

In My Closet:
Accessory - my Matta Dupatta Ombre scarf in fog. I wear it everywhere and get loads of compliments
Jewelry - a stack of thin gold bangles or some funky necklace.

Beauty Secrets:
Skin - I've just started using "The Youth as We Know it" line by Bliss and I'm really digging the way it makes my skin look/feel.
Makeup - Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in nude. It's my desert island essential. I always have a back-up tube on hand, as I have this odd irrational fear of one of my daughters squeezing the entire tube into the toilet. Wait, maybe that's not so irrational
Scent - Yuzu Rogue by 06130. I'm totally addicted to's like nothing I've ever smelled. Totally unique.

Walls - I'm a sucker for thrift store art, old oil portraits of random folks + I frame loads of my girlies' art in Ribba frames and hang it everywhere
Bedding - After 10 years of all white bedding, I got the sketch duvet from Dwell Studio last year, and it makes me happy every time I walk into the room.
Flowers - I'm awfully fond of ranunculus
Favorite design source - Remodelista. several times a day. I love their aesthetic sensibility.

In My Kitchen:
Cookbook – Alice Waters The Art of Simple Food. I love everything about this cookbook…the recipes aren’t overly complicated and turn out fantastic every single time. My hands down favorite is the carrot soup.
Gadget - my French press coffee maker. We usually only pull it out on the weekends. But it seriously elevates coffee.
15 min easy recipe - orecchiette with broccoli rabe and sausage.ok it might take 20 minutes, but it's still awfully darn fast.
can't live w/o ingredient - cream for my coffee...always cream

Pop Culture Extra Credit:
on my nightstand – In Pursuit of Elegance
on my tivo – 30 Rock and a gazillion Daily Shows
in my ipod – the new Vampire Weekend


  1. Vampire Weekend = Amazing music. Alice Waters ain't so bad, either.

  2. thanks for having me lady! this was fun!

  3. No way- I've been on an Orecchette with broccoli rabe and sausage kick too! I love it. I'm going to take a wild guess: is the recipe from a Platter of Figs? (great cookbook for an Alice Waters fan...)

  4. Excellent list. And the Laura Mercier moisturizer rocks. I mix mine with neutrogena sunblock/moisturizer so it lasts even longer. It's awesome. Making carrot soup this weekend.

  5. perfection. no surprise. always always love your style, friend.

  6. Fabulous list! Vampire Weekend is in my car. I may have to check out that cookbook. Thanks!

  7. I adore Joslyn and her beautiful list! Thank you for sharing this with us ladies!

  8. Excellent list! Definitely found a few new things to check out!

  9. Joslyn is great. love the list.


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