Friday, February 12, 2010

Alice Waters Fan Club

Just have to jump on the bandwagon after Joslyn's Alice Waters recommendation and say how much I enjoyed "Alice Waters and Chez Panisse" - a fascinating behind the scenes look at Chez Panisse and the beginning of the whole seasonal, local, organic movement that we are now enjoying the fruits of...If you're looking to expand your cookbook library (a serious addiction at my house...) I love her Vegetables book as well as these from Chez Panisse alums:

Sunday Supper at Luques - Suzanne Goin, A Platter of Figs (good call Kate) - David Tanis, and anything by David Lebovitz
but you girls are so savvy you probably already have these :)
Did you happen to catch Ms Waters on 60 minutes this past spring?  Divine!!


  1. oooh i loved "Alice Waters and Chez Panisse" fantastic read!

  2. Great reminder to rethink Alice Waters


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