Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Have I mentioned that my daughter doesn't nap anymore (!!??argh!!) ?  and "quiet time" lasts for about 10 minutes before I hear "MOOOOOOmmmmeeeee!" So in my smidgen of alone time I'm directing you over to Abby at 5th Joy to check out this super delish Chicken & Cabbage Minestrone Soup (note to Barb, Ann, Anne, & Rose - I think this works with our new health kick, no?)...doesn't that picture just make you want to dive right in??
xoxo, M

ps - I'm totally living vicariously through Sarah's Paris posts...and the super sweetie sent me a copy of BE so I could have a frenchie mag a la Serena & Blair -  MERCI Beaucoup!!

pps - ummm MAD MEN season finale - wow, there were some doozies, eh? Did you know that most of the writers for the show are women? Super cool...

pps - saw Food Matters last night and am inspired to get juicing - any juicer recommendations??


  1. Sorry I missed you at the film last night, hope you are feeling great. Was also inspired to get juicing, my sis recommends the Vitamix. Pricey but worth it I guess.

  2. I'm so glad you like the recipe Michelle! It *is* healthy, so give it a whirl.

    This isn't a juicer recco per se, but I've done the Cooler Cleanse (they ship the juice to you, it's pricey but easy) and really loved it. It's hard to describe, but I felt very bright and shiny the whole way through, and not a bit hungry. And I'm not some crazy faster, I love my food - as you can see :).

  3. I just told my husband that for some reason a lot of people were reading my blog today!! Looks like you did a nice shout out! thanks girl Enjoy the BE. It is soooo FUN! Even if we don't speak a lick of French! xo Sarah

  4. That soup sound and looks so yummy:)
    Have a great day with your little one


    Ps: I am hosting a $50 gift certificate GIVEAWAY later on today, so please join in :) ...


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