Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Fever

Maybe it's the plethora of pumpkins in my neighborhood (that the squirrels are quickly devouring), the pumpkin lasagna I devoured, or the tiny pumpkin in my belly but it's all got me swooning for this Dress...many of you asked for some maternity wear tips and I guess my main one would be to not shop for maternity (although I'm anticipating the one piece I'll have to buy are a pair of James Twiggy jeans)...instead, some flowy dresses and tunics layered with leggings that can still work in your wardrobe post-baby...and of course accessories, killer accessories...
My dream (baby bump or not) outfit of the moment...
So what are your favorite pregnancy style tips?
In Recipe Exchange news - my girl Tina is cooking up Spaghetti Squash Gratins & Apple Cider Donuts - yep donuts....looks like I'm going to be fitting more under that dress than just a baby...
xoxo, M


  1. Oh I love all the autumn colors-reds, oranges, neutrals etc. And I have a Built by Wendy dress and Love it!!!

  2. Oh my, that dress and those boots...perfection. I would like to be wearing that right now.

  3. soo cute! I agree, tunics/dresses with leggings are perfect maternity-wear. also some comfortable heeled shoes like a wedge makes you feel more attractive.

  4. Those donuts sure do look GOOD (as does this outfit).

  5. I made sure to splurge on a super cute, awesome fitting pair of jeans when I was pregnant. It made the difference between feeling schlumpy and feeling great!

  6. My favorite items during my pregnancy was flowy tops mainly by Joie, Steven Alan, and Tucker. I did not but any jeans, but i did use that rubber band trick the last four months. Leggings are a must as well as a good maternity bra (Elle Macpherson and Le Mystere were my favs).


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