Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You Asked: Long Necklaces & A SALE!

Last week a lovely reader asked for my necklace recommendations - specifically long and something that goes with everything - I tend to go bold and pretty funky with my jewelry but I can definitely appreciate a delicate piece as are a number that cover both bases...warning: the bottom three are definitely investment pieces...

For much more budget friendly with lots and lots of style I always head to The Vamoose...I personally have the Citrine drop and Turquoise piece...LOVE!

and I've been wearing this wooden Kayce Hughes necklace nonstop - I love that it looks cool with black and well pretty much everything....and ummm it's $30 - oh yeah, kind of a no brainer, huh?

Whenever I'm home for a visit, I always pick up a little something at Spartan

But luckily whenever I need a new piece I just have to run upstairs to my shop and grab something from Dream Collective or Laura Lombardi

Speaking of - I decided to have an impromptu SALE - this week only - take 25% off any purchase (over $100) now through Sunday at midnight - enter "OCTOBER" at checkout...xoxo, M

Now I'm off to visit Stephanie at Scrumptious for dinner AND dessert...Recipe Exchange heaven!


  1. you always give me a good case of the 'wants'... oxo

  2. Ahhh they're all SO gorgeous! Perfect for fall. I'm particularly obsessed with The Vamoose and Laura Lombardi. You have the best taste : )

    xx Katie

  3. Thank you! Thank you! I'm so lovin the Kayce Hughes necklace. I must have it and it looks pretty toddler friendly, which is a plus!!


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