Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting Graphic

Generally speaking, I'm usually a fan of color but lately I'm head over heels for black & white graphic fact, the minute I saw this Authentic Cardigan (via Mrs French) at Le Train Bleu I whipped out my cc and ordered away...(btw it always pays to check out a store's blog & facebook page - I stumbled across a 30% off discount code - 101010 - whohoo!!)  The Mara Hoffman one is pretty hot too...(as is absolutely everything over at Les Nouvelles)

The coolest raincoat ever?? (via Joy) Me thinks so...and Carey Mulligan looks stunning in this Vionnet with a bit of red, no?

 New Mudcloth pillows from John Robshaw - ethnic meets neutral...

And Navajo & Scandinavian blankets by Pendleton would be so, so cozy this winter...

also making me happy?? The 2 (count them!!) TWO new recipes for the Recipe Exchange over at You + Me* - Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas & Mexichocolatetofu Pudding - Oh, Miya & Elisabeth you know the key to my heart ;)  Did you know that Elisabeth is my fellow mommy-to-be? Congrats to her as well!!
xoxo, M

ps - Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your wonderful comments yesterday - they so made my week!!  It's wonderful to know that so many lovely, generous women read this little blog ;)

pps - ran into Anthropologie this morning for the first time in months - have they lost their mojo a bit??
Let's just say that my wallet stayed firmly in my CV mini-sac
ppps - can someone please start making cute but sporty gear for my 3 yr old? I just can't bite the REI bullet and load up on fleece & keens, can I?

pppps - speaking of discount codes - you can always find one for the shop at the top of the home page - right now it's "hello" for 20% off - yippee!


  1. land's end for cute sporty gear? i'm always pleasantly surprised when i see their stuff in person.
    andrea b.

  2. I hear you on the Anthro bit. Ran in myself this weekend and was not tempted by one single thing. Probably for the best as I'm saving some things from your shop for my Christmas wish list. =)

  3. first off, congrats on baby #2!!! that's such wonderful news. second, i've got to have that chevron raincoat! i'm so in love! lastly, i have to say that keens are worth it. my kiddo (he's 2) has been wearing them since June and since the only come in whole sizes I sized up a bit when I bought them. he loves them and they seem to be super comfortable and definitely durable. even though i think they are too $, they are worth it in my opinion. *just my two cents for ya*

  4. such beautiful finds! I can't decide between the white cardigan or the dress as my fave.


  5. I absolutely love that Mara Hoffman cardigan! I headed over wow it was a bit more expensive than I anticipated. and the pillows are fabulous too.

  6. 2 things:
    How do you post 2 images side by side? I've been using a crappy program and am not happy with it.
    Secondly, in regards to your family vacay post above-I'm feeling you. We just went to Maui and left Lilly B/C of the travel time. Yikes. BUT my neices who are 4 and 3 came and did wonderfully. Really. You mentioned San Diego, we've done a lot of research and already have an extended family trip planned there for next summer. Appears to be a ton to do there for kids your daughter's age.


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