Friday, October 15, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...

Next week I'm super excited to tackle your fashion conundrums (keep em coming!) but this week, dear readers, I need your see, for the past month we've been racking our brains trying to come up with a family vacation to take between now and the holidays...our first inclination is to go to Hawaii - it's kind of our magic place (as Joslyn calls them) and we have plenty of frequent flier miles so it wouldn't break the bank but the realization that it would be 12 hrs to get there with a 3 year old is kind of a major bummer...Miss L is an excellent and seasoned traveller - give her some new sticker books and she's as happy as a clam - but 12 HOURS just seems like an eternity! Thoughts??  So then we started looking at other tropical locals...and while we've been to Mexico many, many times and had a blast, the last time we were there was just when swine flu happened and everyone was wearing masks, Lila was sickly and it just left a bad taste in my mouth...not to mention all the crazy stuff going on right now...other suggestions?? the virgin islands never seem to have much character? and maybe I don't want to be so far away pregnant??  So back to the US - a city trip - I'm always happy to hit NYC, LA, Boston?  kid friendly though?  Palm Springs? Sante Fe? Portland? Sedona? Big Sur? Somewhere in Florida?  You can see the problem, no?? 
 So where do you love that I'm not thinking of?

Luckily I don't have to think up a dinner idea - Jora, of the fantastic Domestic Reflections, is up today on the Recipe Exchange (speaking of travel - she jetted off to Italy for a long trip with her 3 little ones - now that's inspiring!)
and here's a recap for the week:
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Hope you all have an excellent Fall weekend...
xoxo, M


  1. Quebec! Cobblestone streets, french pastries & fun in the early winter/holiday season. Look at the Fairmont hotel there.

  2. look for ideas at kiddieup travel!

  3. Oh, I thought you meant superclose to home! Sorry about that...
    Well then, I suggest San Diego/La Jolla, Vancouver BC (although not warm) or a if you do decide to do a longer journey, St. Martin (French side). All great!

  4. Northern CA- a little San Fransisco, Sonoma, Napa Valley (St. Helena)... and all of the wonderful little towns in between. We go every year and find that it's the perfect balance of kid-friendly and adult-friendly activities. Here's a link of our last trip! {a summer trip, but we've gone during the fall and winter as well, and have just as much fun:)}...

  5. I'm going to have to say Palm Springs. It's the last place we went as a family and it was great. We stayed at the La Quinta Resort & Club and we loved it! I posted about it here

    It was easy and beautiful. And I think it'll be relaxing enough for you being prego and all:) Hope this helps!

  6. I am a huge Palm Springs fan... The Parker, The Ace, The Viceroy... there are more that I am forgetting... so old Hollywood and fun...

    here is a little post I did {ONE YEAR AGO... wow} about our trip to the ACE. it was so great...


  7. Well Costa Rica of course!
    I surf and have been several times.

    Best of all worlds.

  8. Our family is fortunate to be able to vacation in Hawaii in the dead of winter. It's the perfect family vacation: pool, beach, warm weather. We've been sticking with Maui and rent a 1 bedroom condo with a kitchen (we stayed at the Westin Kaanapali last time). The kitchen allows us to cook breakfast and lunch. There's lots of casual restaurants in Lahaina for dinner out with the kids. Pretty restful and fun for the kids!

  9. I'd have to disagree about the Virgin Islands. St. Thomas leaves a lot to be desired (in my opinion - it's too commercial and touristy) but St. John is amazing. Small, relaxed and beautiful. It's perfect for a low-key vacation. I really didn't expect to like it more than Hawaii, but I do and by a large margin! We're thinking about going back over Christmas and that says a lot as I'm not a person who likes to repeat vacations.

  10. Our family of 4 travelled the 12 hours to Oahu. I packed each of the children a surprise knapsack of goodies and made sure to bring DVD players and DS with earphones. We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Beach Resort great for kids.
    Clearwater Beach is a beautiful beach with warm waters and great sunsets.The Hilton Beach Resort has a great kids club, very friendly staff.
    For something completely different Maine. It is beautiful this time of year. Camden Hills is a beautiful little town with lots of walking trails and great little chowder and lobster shops.Don't miss Millers Lobster the kids can watch the lobster boats come in.
    There are so many great holidays to choose from wherever you travel to the family will have wonderful memories.

  11. Travel is my favorite word. Some place warm?
    Anna Maria Island in Florida is sweet and laid back. There are some amazing restaurants there too.
    We stayed here.

    This place has been on my travel lust wishlist for years

    And Jamaica has a special place in my heart (because I married my love there. :))
    Jake's is great and the flight is only about 3 and 1/2 hours.

    Let me know if you want some places in California. We stayed in Tomales Bay there in Point Reyes. Beautiful. But a bit cold for this time of year???
    Happy Planning!

  12. The Carolinas are supposed to be *gorgeous* and have great beaches. They might require some research, but I'd bet you have a reader or ten that can suggest some fantastic, family-friendly things to do while hanging out south of the Mason-Dixon.

  13. Being a Floridian and experiencing my first year here, I suggest Anna Maria Island (GORGEOUS, LOVE IT) over Clearwater (TOURISTY) for you three plus one on the way :) However, while it should be nice and sunny, the water will probably not be as warm as you would like them to be. Nigel and I went to Maui one Christmas through New Year's and rented a great little beach cottage. The water was nice and warm, plus the weather was terrific! I will see if I can find the cottage info. xoxo

  14. Well, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Charleston South Carolina. It is warm well past Thanksgiving. It may be the prettiest little city in the country.

    It is easy to walk, great food and FASHION (I'll fill you in - great shops!) The architecture and gardens can't be beat anywhere. Just romantic, lovely, civilized and easy. (Except for getting there.) Y'all give it a try sometime.

  15. Oh, yes... there are wonderful beaches outside of Charleston - the best is Sullivan's Island - the classic old beach where you might find a rental. Some great B&Bs in the city.

  16. somebody stop me - here's a link to my last visit to charleston - from my blog:

    in case you aren't completely sick of me by now.

    hey, I think of things in spurts and bursts - not all at one time...

  17. Despite my own Florida feelings, I have heard nothing but great things about the Seaside/Fort Walton Beach area. I've never been myself, but multiple friends with little ones have gone and had great times.

  18. If you haven't been, Laguna Beach is amazing. Great hotels: Surf & Sand, The Montage, The St Regis.. great restaurants and shopping...:)

    Have a great vacation where ever you go!


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