Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beauty Buzz


Reason no. 6732 I will always be a long hair gal...and that smoky eye, pale lip, and mustard bow?? Wowsa!

Recipe Exchange - Head over to The 30 Girl to check out Katie's Pumpkin Apple Breakfast Muffins & Chicken Pot Pie - I'm so loving this ;)  Also, if you have a recipe you'd like to contribute you can still sign up here...let's keep the ball rolling!  The full schedule is here...

ps - sorry so short & sweet today but the Mr & I played hooky while L was at preschool and had a glorious long lunch I have about 5 minutes to do 50 things but it was definitely worth it!  Little luxuries are the best...


  1. Agreed, her hair is amazing! Glad you have a fun, impromptu lunch:)

  2. Playing hooky is the best! I have been growing my hair out for quite awhile. I don't know if I can bear to cut it now. Going to check out the recipes!

  3. it took me 35 years but i FINALLY realized I will always be a long haired girl too. even if that means i'm wearing gray braids swooped up on my head when i'm 80 (hopefully!)

    love the photos.

  4. once in a while, i see a comment that i just need to be unoriginal and write, "Ditto"-- to Stephanie's comment :)


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