Thursday, October 21, 2010

Current Crushes...

How fantastic are Banquet's new kits?...I think L & I need to work on a mobile for the new baby...

Just in time for Halloween - this fantastic Clare Owen print - via the super, super fantastic Civetta

 okay, this is like a million crushes in one...I found out about Jeana Sohn through my uber crush Joslyn, fell madly for her closet visits (including Clare Vivier, & Kathryn Bentley of Dream Collective) and am equally smitten with her gorgeous artwork...
(umm yeah...that yellow CV clutch that Deb Kaplan has? just arrived in green at the shop and those DC bracelets and rings...working furiously to get them online...)

 Anne Hathaway in Vogue - wearing the Gigi dress!! and shot in Maxim's...
 (isn't she just the classiest and I love that she says "Gosh" and that she has the same name as Shakespeare's wife...speaking of I randomly watched Shakespeare in Love TWICE this month...isn't Joseph Fiennes so dreamy in it?)

This cutie shot by Garance wearing Doc Martens (paging about these for utilitarian and cool?)  I fondly remember mine...

and last but certainly not least, the ongoing Recipe Exchange...Jennifer at Whisk it Good is calling my name with Moroccan Butternut Squash Stew with couscous - this has so many of my favorite ingredients all in one dish!!!

What's catching your fancy lately??
xoxo, M
ps - Don't forget about the SALE - 25% off using OCTOBER at checkout...


  1. Love that clutch- plus her coat, earrings... all of it! And Anne? Gorgeous.

    On my way to check out that recipe now:).

  2. nice list! that garance is ridic! thanks for the link-age :)

  3. Oh my, those rings and bracelets? And on that anvil? I'm green with envy...that stew looks pretty good too. :)

  4. I don't think i will ever tire of looking at that stack of bracelets!

  5. thank you so much for the post. I'm so thrilled that you have CV green clutches and DC cuffs and rings at your shop. yay!!!

  6. Hi M. That jewelry collection is to die for!!! Love all of those pieces. And will be trying the Moroccan dish this week as well. xoxo wlb

  7. Would you like to to a recipe swap?

  8. I am all for bringing old boots back. well, Frye has already done it. I think the Docs are so practical and cool. give away my the late '70's I wore Olafdaughters....I wonder if anyone can unearth a photo of those! But...I dying for a pair today!


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