Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

image via Martha Stewart

Somewhere in my early twenties I had a bit of a falling out with Halloween - perhaps it was my prudish desire to not spend a night surrounded by slutty witches, slutty nurses, slutty cats, slutty pumpkins?!, etc...and I'm just far too lazy to get excited about an elaborate costume (my go to - Beatnik Girl - black cigarette pants, black turtleneck, beret, ballet flats, long cigarette holder, and a copy of Howl or On The Road) - but becoming a parent has nice way of making holidays magical again...looking forward to a weekend of pumpkin carving, spooky cookies, good old-fashioned trick or treating...

and whipping up a batch of this Potato Soup that Michelle at Studio Surface posted for the Recipe Exchange today...Delicious!!

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So what are your weekend plans? Any fun Halloween traditions at your house?
xoxo, M 

ps - Did anyone watch the Project Runway season finale last night?? I'll just say that I was Team Gretchen from the first episode and loved her collection last night...I know she had a lot of haters but she was the only designer who made clothes that I actually would buy and wear - that has to count for something!


  1. yes, team gretchen from the start!
    mondo definitely has a following, but gretchen's work is much more relevant and wearable.

  2. slutty pumpkins!!!!!!! so funny... I can not announce my costume on your blog {just in case one of my friends is checking} but let's just say the word "slutty" is not apart of the costume ;)... he he!

  3. Okay, seriously. After I had Hailey (not in the position to wear a "slutty pumpkin" costume even if I wanted to... maybe a real pumpkin costume, but anyways...) I was in need of a costume. With not a lot of time to be super creative, I searched and searched through endless fishnets, lingerie/stripper-ish looking costumes- I finally landed on Ozzie Osbourne-- had to resort to being a MAN!!

    This year, I'm wearing a spider-like tights (not stripper-ish), a witch hat, and calling it a day:).

    Love your go-to costume... an idea for next year!

  4. I absolutely loved Gretchen's designs at the beginning of the season and then fell for Mondo. I definitely have a Gretchen aesthetic and would wear her clothes in a heartbeat, but love Mondo's sense of humor and sassiness expressed through his clothes...I love unique characters. :)

  5. Ptkate - I loved Mondo too - he seems like a fantastic, funny guy - I thought his clothes were interesting and well made but totally not something I would ever wear...and I just started to feel defensive of Gretchen - people are really nasty about her...I thought she just expressed her opinions and made great, wearable clothes ;)


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