Thursday, October 28, 2010

John Robshaw in Connecticut...

Did you happen to catch John Robshaw's Connecticut abode in the new Lonny?
 I love seeing how he mixes his own textiles with all his amazing finds from his travels...

okay - enough blatant store promotion - now you can hop over to Shades of Sunshine and see what Jess has planned for the Recipe Exchange...
xoxo, M
PS - Wah! It feels like winter here - I seriously wore these yesterday...make it go away - please?

pps - How did I totally forget that Friday Night Lights season premiere was last night? Oh Dillon, Tx (and Tim Riggins) I've missed you!!


  1. oooh that house is ammmazing! thanks for posting. and whaaa??? i missed the boat FNL!! coach and riggins oh my!! what channel?

  2. love love love!! I want/need that rug in the last photo. so good!


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