Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Pretty Coloring Book Sheet #2 - Badaude for Pretty Mommy

Can you believe it is August already??? I'm taking the morning off to work on the Michelle Makeover Project (be gone, gray hairs!!)  but here is latest coloring book page by Badaude...hopefully you have a lazy day tea party in your future...click here to download & print

Pictured: Matta Lila Dress, Laura Lombardi Scale Necklace, Matta Scarf, John Robshaw Pillows, Stewart + Brown Oona Pocket Dress, Lina Rennell Swimsuit
xoxo, M

PS - I'm sooooo unbelievably excited to have Shanna Murray's wall decals in the shop!! I have this one in gold on L's wall and it is the loveliest...this is another fave

pps - I've just restocked Bosquez Jewelry - I think this brown agate piece will be amazing with all the camel for Fall (and great for Indian Summer as well...)


  1. I L*O*V*E these coloring pages. It's such a creative, fun idea.

  2. i know august already where has the world gone? xxx

  3. I need that wall decal! LOVE!
    P.S. Enjoy your makeover!

  4. does this mean i'm fashionable?! i received a matching necklace and bracelet set that looks a lot like the piece you posted. woohoo! i love it. wearing it right now.

    can't wait to see pics of your makeover!

  5. I'm loving the geode jewelry right now, too! Get out of my head, Pretty Mommy!


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