Friday, August 6, 2010


I'm all tapped out here's a collection of images that are making me happy this week...I'm a type L (for lazy) trying to keep up a Type A schedule and failing miserably...seriously, in the weeds - again! But you know what? It's Friday & my mom's coming for a visit, I have my lovely niece's birthday party, then next week MY birthday - yeah!!, a choice between seeing Rufus Wainwright or Phoenix and as always lovely L & slightly grumpy husband to cuddle with...How's your weekend shaping up?
ps - Is it terrible that my hubs is taking my birthday off and I want to ditch him for half the day to pack in the rest of my makeover list?
pps - any other slacker mom's out there?  or am I the only one who shows up at the pool with a measly fruit strip in the bottom of her bag while the other lovely mom (always) has a gorgeous smörgåsbord of treats?? Oh Ann, I will do better next time!

images from top:  design*sponge (see the shanna murray decal on the wall!!), I want to live here - Victoria's Pinterest, gorgeous ceramics - sfgirlbybay,  who knew citrus & avocado were so beautiful - Mrs. French's Pinterest, last minute birthday gift for moi? these F Scott books would be perfect - spotted first @ the lovely {wit & delight}, Hello, Lover! Bruno Frisoni shoes via this is glamourous, Cocktails & Costume Jewelry! Heidi's Pinterest...or you can see all of them at my pinterest


  1. Such pretty pictures! And everyone deserves a week or two where laziness takes over, especially right around your birthday.

  2. Love the photos! You aren't being lazy with your post today, just making it easy for us parents to peruse quickly--very kind of you, actually. ;) And if you want unprepared mommy stories, you can get plenty from me. I have 3 kiddos and and am always the one scrounging at the bottom of her bag, pulling out the sticky 1/3 of a granola bar (left from a snack a month before) as a snack, making all them of them split it...
    Happy early birthday! I just went away for mine & forced my husband to watch me go shopping--I only do it without guilt on that day!

  3. My daughter used to always ask my best friend if she had any snacks because she knew even at 2 that I was never prepared! And thankfully my best friend always packed extra for my kids b/c she knew I was a slacker! Have a wonderful lazy day!

  4. I'm almost always the mom with the fruit snack at the bottom of my purse ;-) don't sweat it rock at so many things!

    happy early b-day

  5. Oh, happiest of birthdays Michelle! If I had your sense of style, I wouldn't be bothered about being a little lazy!
    All the best and hope your birthday wishes come true!

  6. Relax and enjoy your weekend...give into the laziness...
    I love the pics.

  7. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

    Oh and you are not the only slacker mom out there. We all have our days - our seasons- but you have talents and strengths that other moms don't. You're fabulous dahling!

  8. The ceramic pieces are amazing! As for being Lazy I can relate, but I look at it in a positive light; at least I remembered a snack or any extra pair of clothes! Have an amazing weekend!

  9. oh my gosh... we could never play date together because our kids would both be eating fruit rolls from 2 weeks ago. I actually pulled an old lollipop off of my car mat and gave it to Henry today... He wanted it! What am I supposed to do...

    Also I left Legoland today with Henry in a diaper {forgot a change of clothes for him.... remembered my change of clothes} oh and on the way out we lost our car so we were both crying as we checked out thousands of cars that were not ours....

    It has been a little nuts around here... so I am with you... IE. 'temporary blog retirement'

    oxo!! have a good weekend... is it too early for a beer?

  10. Wanted to let you know I received my lovely layering tank today~ I Love it, thank you!!
    Sending you wishes for a beautiful Birthday week filled with love and happiness. Happy Birthday! Enjoy!

  11. I think all of us have a little lazy in us. That mom who packed the lovely picnic lunch probably forgot to bring wipes to with her the next day, and had a baby covered in banana the rest of the day (not that I'm speaking from personal experience). Go easy on yourself, get a makeover, and have a wonderful, happy, fulfilling birthday!

  12. SOOOO jealous you are going to see Rufus. I big time heart him!! Is that your birthday??


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