Thursday, August 12, 2010

Current Crushes

Gretchen Jones is making me super excited about Project Runway again...finally a girl on PR who is a talented designer and has amazing personal style! Loving her line mothlove found through the super cool Alison - writer for the Seattle Times - thanks Ali! Set your tivos!!

I never get tired of black & whites of my favorite movie stars...I love the unselfconscious vanity of Brigitte, the relaxed Ingrid, and the juxtaposition of the chic Grace & vulnerable Marilyn beachside...this page has an excellent collection
found via Milk

How great is the new line Leroy & Perry from luxe knitwear gurus Lutz & Patmos? organic, eco friendly fabrics, super wearable styles and more accessible price points?? Sold!!
available at Bows + Arrows
If I'm not doing the over the knee Frye I might finally splurge on these n.d.c boots I've had my eye on for a while - especially after they were heartily endorsed by my fellow Leo Kate!

Finally, I spent yesterday morning with Flora & Nadia of Revelry discussing a much needed house makeover...I knew I was in good hands when they pulled these images for I'm excited to sit back and let them work their magic! 

Gotta Run - Busy day and Phoenix tonight - although apparently the Rufus show last night was I'm kicking myself for not getting a babysitter 2 nights in a yourself a favor and go see him when he hits your town...


  1. i am totally digging gretchen too! if she hadn't won the last episode i was going to stop watching..what's up with Peach?

  2. ohhh rufus love:

  3. catherine - I know - peach! they alwayshave to have one of those...
    emily - I was listening!! He's one of my tippy top, top faves- I've just seen him many, many times so I opted to see Phoenix because I haven't seen them I'm bummed!

  4. Oooh, thanks for the link love! And those boots are the coolest things one could possibly put on their feet.

  5. LOVE Gretchen! There was a lot of ohing and ahing at my house when her clothes came down the runway.

  6. I love those b&w pics. And I am excited to hear about your home makeover!

  7. I forgot that PR started a new season...must check the DVR as soon as I get back! Glad you like the boots. :). Check out A Mano ( for some other great ones. Whenever I'm in Seattle, I have to exercise extreme willpower to resist trying on everything!

  8. ack! i only glanced at the first photo then skipped down to the comment form since i'm two episodes behind BUT i absolutely loved that first dress. was so happy she won.

  9. Ah, so much to love in this post. First, that table cloth in the last image. Beautiful and the dark book shelves above. Hope you plan to share photos of your before and afters. And I also am loving all those bw images.

  10. Love to know that Gretchen from PR has her own line! She has a little bit of an ego but suppose you need one in that biz. Missed last weeks so need to get back into the PR groove.

  11. Thanks for the shout out! And yes, A Mano is a-mazing and hard to resist!

  12. Hi there!
    I stumbled upon your blog via Express-o today. what fun images you have here and I was reading your profile, another Leo! LOL



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